Poborubarumu is a Flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G6.


Poborubarumu is an enormous Flying Wyvern that somewhat resembles a whale. It has a rigid steel blue body and a massive head filled with sharp teeth and with pipe like structures on top. While Poborubarumu has wings, they are too small to be used for flight. It has a large thick tail which often has a huge hollow barnacle like creature sticking to the underside.


Poborubarumu is able to produce sounds from its wings, tail, and head. It uses these sounds to increase its own strength and to also better defend itself in battle against threats. These sounds also have a strange effect on any hunters that hear them, causing them to go into a state of delirium. Poborubarumu is also capable of burrowing into the earth. Using a combination of its sounds and special liquid secretions it can even regenerate broken parts, though this has its limits.


Poborubarumu is incredibly hostile and a voracious eater, willing to start territorial wars or devour anything that crosses its path. It is the largest non-Elder Dragon monster in its environment.


Poborubarumu is native to the Highland.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G6
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General Notes

  • Poborubarumu's head, tail, and arms can be broken.
  • Standing near Poborubarumu when it buffs itself can give the hunter the buff as well.
  • Poborubarumu has a total of 4 dances, using its head (Attack Buff), using its arms (Defence Buff), using its tail (Health Buff) and one using all three at once to get all the buffs at the same time (G Rank only).
  • Poborubarumu will stand up and roar once enraged, and will attempt to prepare a dance right after.
  • Much like Qurupeco, Poborubarumu can be staggered by dealing enough damage to it when it is preparing a dance. If stopped in this way, Poborubarumu will drop a shiny and fail to preform the dance.
    • However, if Poborubarumu is successful in preparing the dance, it will also fix the part it chooses to play with if said part is broken. This makes it one of the only monsters that can visibly regenerate itself.

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