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Pokaradon is a Leviathan introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G1.


Pokaradon are large white and grey fur coated monsters with some resemblance to Walruses. Their grey fur is darker than that of female adult Pokara, with numerous types of patterns spread across the body, spots, stripes, streaks, and even a crescent curved stripe present on their chests. They also have several orange horns of varying size sprouting from the back of their heads, which feature two serrated tusks that curve forward slightly. They appear to have some kind of blubbery dorsal fin on their backs, alongside this they have fluked tails, similar to that of Cetaceans such as whales and dolphins, with the addition of a single orange spike between the flukes. And some small curved back spines lining parts of their legs which end in four toed paws, and along parts of the sides of the tails.


Pokaradon have improved versions of most Royal Ludroth attacks when on land, plus some moves of their own. They spit balls of water that explode with great force upon impact, and they have a sliding pounce attack. Some of their own moves include pouncing forward slightly while clapping their fore-feet together hard enough to make a sound that will stun (KO) hunters in a radius, and can also use their tusks to rip up a chunk of ice from the ground, creating a small pitfall trap, and will also proceed to relatively quickly leap up and smash the ice chunk, raining some smaller chunks around it that inflict Snowman.


Pokaradon are very territorial and viciously protective of their harems of Pokara and their offspring. When not violently dealing with intruders and aggressors they have been observed having softer sides to them, playing with their families in the snow and such.


Pokaradon have only been observed inhabiting the Polar Sea.

Game Appearances

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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General Notes

  • In MHF-G's second trailer a Pokaradon is seen fighting an Anorupatisu, hinting towards a rivalry or predator and prey relationship.
  • Despite being a Leviathan, Pokaradon share some characteristics with Fanged Beast type monsters.
    • According to its Monster Info, Pokaradon and its kin Pokara are mammals. This makes them the first mammalian Leviathans and also the first Leviathans with fur.
  • Pokaradon is the first monster in franchise to feature its entire growth stage in game, from baby, juvenile male/adult female, to adult male.
  • Their tails can be severed and carved, and their head and backs can be broken.
  • When enraged they huff "white smoke".
  • The rarest item from Pokaradon is an unusual frozen tear made upon death that never melts.

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