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Pokaradon is a Leviathan introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G1.

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Pokaradon is a large monster with some resemblance to a walrus. It also has several horns sprouting from the back of its head and what appears to be some kind of blubbery hump on its upper back. Pokaradon also has a fluked tail similar to that of Cetaceans such as whales and dolphins. Its younger form Pokara are all female and the white, furry babies will interact socially with hunters, being capable of reacting to gestures.


Pokaradon has improved versions of Royal Ludroth attacks plus moves of its own. Its well known for spitting balls of water that explode with great force upon impact, and also for its sliding attack. Some of its moves include clapping before pouncing on a target (this causes a loud sound that inflicts KO) and digging up a rocky snowball; this creates a pit hunters can fall into and get stuck. Pokaradon can then split the rocky snowball up into four separate chunks which fly towards the hunters. When a hunter is hit by this attack it will cause the Snowman status.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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  • In MHF-G's first trailer a baby Pokaradon known as Poka is seen.
  • In MHF-G's second trailer a Pokaradon is seen fighting an Anorupatisu, hinting towards a rivalry or predator and prey relationship.
  • Despite being a Leviathan, Pokaradon shares some characteristics with certain Pelagus/Fanged Beast monsters.
  • According to its Monster Info, Pokaradon and its kin Pokara are mammals. This makes them the first mammalian Leviathans and also the first Leviathans with fur.
  • Pokaradon is the first monster in Monster Hunter to feature its entire growth stage, from baby, juvenile/female, to Alpha male.
  • Its tail can be severed and carved, and its tusks and the back hump can be broken.
  • Its eyes glow red when enraged.
  • The rarest item from Pokaradon is an unusual frozen tear made upon death that never melts.

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