MH4U-Polar Field Map

MH4U Polar Field Map

The Polar Field is an arena-like area inhabited by powerful monsters like the UkanlosRusted Kushala DaoraGrimclaw Tigrex, and Elderfrost Gammoth. This area is characterized by its steep ice cliffs and vast polar fields. An aurora can be seen in the night sky. The cave roof will release ice crystals when Ukanlos or other large monsters roars that can damage the hunter. Temperatures here are punishingly low, and so a hot drink must be carried at all times.


  • Small stones and frozen flakes on walls can be gathered for Ice Crystals.
  • Two platforms can be used to switch to the left or right side without going all way around since the area is divided by a large cleavage in the ground.
  • The roof of the Polar Field is weak to earthquakes and strong vibrations, causing large ice chunks to fall down and inflict "Snowman" status.
  • Monsters that do not have their own theme use the Frozen Seaway's theme.


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