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MHFG-Polar Sea Map

Polar Sea Map

A new area introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G. The frozen climate is home to a variety of monsters such as Anorupatisu, Giaorugu and Pokaradon.

At camp there is sometimes young Pokara to interact with who will react to gestures and even try to talk to hunters giving "Yes" and "No" questions. Unfortunately hunters have no idea what they are trying to say. There is also sometimes one that will allways be sleep until you sleep in the bed at camp and it wakes up waving then falls back to sleep as you wake up.

In multiple areas young Pokara can be seen swimming and out of reach on ice jumping in the water.

Interestingly in area 4 there is a Lao-Shan Lung within a glacier.

In area 6 their are unique mushrooms behind a wall of slightly transparent blue ice with a small climbable entrance. If one looks to the roof of the room with the mushrooms you can see you are underwater with fish and young Pokara swimming around in groups. This means the Ice caves are all underwater.

Unique Hammerhead Sharks can be found from fishing in the area. And frozen flowers unique to the area can be mined out of the walls.


Music Themes

MHFG 極海の大モンスター BGM

MHFG 極海の大モンスター BGM

MHF-G8: Polar Sea Music Theme