MHST Pondry Hills map

Pondry Hills Map

The Pondry Hills (Japanese ボルデの丘) is an area outside of Hakum Village and first introduced in Monster Hunter Stories. It is a plateau area with many hills and wide open spaces. The most common residence of this area is Aptonoth and Kelbi, which are hunted down by packs of Velociprey and large predators like Rathalos.
The hills contain Hakum Village, which is the starting/birthplay place of Lilia, Cheval, and the silent protagonist the player controls throughout the game. The main character also discovers Navirou during his/her rider hatching ceremony.


  • Hakum Village
  • Mt. Pondry Cave Mouth
  • Pondry Hills Crossroads
  • Whistill Forest Approach
  • Forest Settlement
  • Old Mine Entrance