Poogie (プーギー) is a pet pig that has been in every Monster Hunter game to date. Poogie serves as one of the mascots of the Monster Hunter series.


  • Poogie is first mostly found near vendors.
  • It serves as a pet inside your room.
  • It was not until Monster Hunter 2 where the hunter can dress up their Poogie different costumes.
  • A successful press of the PS2 X button when a "!" symbol appears over the Poogie's head, will make it jump up and hearts will appear. If you wait a few seconds afterwards before leaving the area, your Poogie will start following you around. However it is quite slow.
  • It is rumored (but never has been proven) that snuggling with the pig gives the hunter good luck on carving rare items.
    • The ability for the hunter to give it a name chosen among the list of available names is also introduced to this game. This is only in Monster Hunter 3, as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd does not have this feature.
    • Asides from petting, the hunter can also carry the Poogie and take it around Moga Village and the farm.
    • Additionally, some interior decorations for the hunters' rooms are fashioned after Poogie.
  • In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, aside from petting and carrying, a hunter's Felyne Comrades can ride the Poogie inside the Village.
  • In Monster Hunter Frontier, the Poogie has a different purpose, and appears in Hunt Quests.

Monster Hunter Freedom Series

  • The Naked Emperor
  • Memorial Stripes
  • Charming Pink
  • Black Green Clash
  • Angel Leotard
  • Famitsu Suit
  • Sleepy Pig White
  • Pig Maid
  • Magician Pig
  • The Naked Emperor - This outfit and title is an allusion to the children's book, The Emperor's New Clothes. It comes default with the game.
  • Memorial Stripes - The original clothing for Poogie in the original Monster Hunter. This also comes default with the game.
  • Charming Pink - A Poogie costume in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. This costume is Unlocked by importing your save data Monster Hunter Freedom. Also available in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
  • Black Green Clash - Fashioned after a slice of a Watermelon, this costume in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite can be unlocked by fully upgrading the Pokke Farm's Field Row.
  • Angel Leotard - The first Downloadable Poogie costume.
  • Famitsu Suit - Another Downloadable Poogie costume. This one is exclusive to MHP2ndG.
  • Sleepy Pig White - A Downloadable Poogie costume.
  • Pig Maid - This maid outfit is found only in MHF.
  • Magician Pig - This magicians cape and hat is found only in MHF.
  • Mafumofu Jumpsuit - This costume is exclusive to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Monster Hunter 3

Poogie Costumes in Monster Hunter 3

  • Emperor's New Duds
  • Memorial Stripes
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Pygmelion
  • Angel Leotard
  • Sleepy Sheepy
  • Hog in a Frog
  • Black Honey

  • Emperor's New Duds - This costume comes default in the game.
  • Memorial Stripes - This costume comes default in the game.
  • Pretty in Pink - This costume comes default in the game.
  • Pygmelion - This costume is available as a trade goods from the Argosy Captain.
  • Angel Leotard - This costume is available as a trade goods from the Argosy Captain.
  • Sleepy Sheepy - This costume is available as a trade goods from the Argosy Captain.
  • Hog in a Frog - This costume is available as a trade goods from the Argosy Captain.
  • Black Honey - This costume is received from the Guest House Honcho at HR30.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Poogie Costumes in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

The following are the available Poogie Costumes (プーギーの服) in the game:

  • The Naked Emperor - This costume comes default in the game.
  • Memorial Stripes - This costume comes default in the game.
  • Pretty in Pink - This costume comes default in the game.
  • Black Green Clash - Can be obtained by upgrading the Field Row of Yukumo Farm to the max.
  • Angel Leotard - This costume can be received after beating Low Rank Jhen Mohran Urgent Quest.
  • Hog in a Frog - Can be obtained by acquiring 20,000 Yukumo Farm points.
  • Sheep Cloth - After hugging him perfectly 30 times.
  • Yukumo Suit - Obtained after beating the 5 star Urgent Zinogre or beating the Zinogre as a Warning Quest monster after beating the Bulldrome.
  • Innocence Kurenai / 純真クレナイ

Poogie-Themed Decorations

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Poogie Costumes in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The following Poogie Costumes are available in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate:

Costume How to Get
Memorial Stripes Available from the start
Mejor Hamigo Available from the start
Emperor's New Duds Low-rank Expedition
Pretty in Pink Low-rank Expedition
Pygmelion Low-rank Expedition
Sleepy Sheepy Low-rank Expedition
Wishing Star Low-rank Expedition
Angel Leotard Low-rank or High-rank Expedition
Hog in a Frog Low-rank or High-rank Expedition
Fro Nest Low-rank or High-rank Expedition
Black Honey High-rank Expedition
Porkimono High-rank Expedition
Pork Chop Ninja High-rank Expedition
Mafumofu Jumpsuit High-rank Expedition
Buzzy Bee High-rank Expedition
Funky Fro High-rank or G-rank Expedition
Mucho Macho Clear the 6★ Caravan quest Advanced: Heaven's Wheel.
Vagaboar DLC
Kitchen Pig DLC
Hattori Hamzo DLC
Cotton Candy G-rank Expedition
Buzzy Blue Bee G-rank Expedition
Pig in a Yukata G-rank Expedition
Mosspoogie G-rank Expedition
Ludroth Jumpsuit G-rank Expedition (Rare)
Pink Frog G-rank Expedition (Rare)
Deviljhog G-rank Expedition (Rare)
Great Poogie G-rank Expedition (Rare)
The Heart Empress G-rank Expedition
Pumpkin PJs DLC
Disco Ball DLC

Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine

To obtain a Poogie in Frontier, hunters must at least have 30 points obtained from the Park. The Poogie would be present in the hunter's farm. Another 30 points is needed for it to have a trampoline so it can go with the hunter on Quests. Poogies give items to the hunter in-quest.

Poogie Costumes in Monster Hunter Frontier G Genuine

The following are the available Poogie Costumes (マイトレプーギー服) in the game:

  • Lavasioth / ヴォルっぽい服
  • Kirin Armor
  • Hypnocatrice / ヒプっぽい服
  • Espinas
  • Hilarious / 陽気な服
  • Wild / 野生的な服
  • Memorial Stripes
  • Magician Pig
  • Pygmelion
  • Sleepy Sheepy
  • Emperor's New Duds
  • Pig Maid
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Gosuperu Armor / ゴスペル風の服
  • Gosuperu Armor / ゴスペル風の服
  • Minded / 勝ち気そうな服
  • Berukyurosu / ベルっぽい服
  • Berukyurosu / ベルっぽい服
  • Moat Expectation / 堀当てそうな服
  • Pariapuria / パリアっぽい服
  • Magisa Armor / マギサ風の服
  • Felyne Mask / 悪戯しそうな服
  • Take / 採りそうな服
  • Fished / 釣り上げそうな服
  • Kamu Orugaron
  • Nono Orugaron
  • Akura Vashimu / アクラっぽい服
  • Asuru Armor / アスール風の服
  • A Good Friend / 仲良しそうな服
  • Well-done Steak
  • Reinbona / レインボウな服

Legendary Poogie

FrontierGen-Legendary Poogie Render 001

Legendary Poogie (レジェンドプーギー) is owned by the Legendary Rastas a hunter can hire after purchasing the Assist Course (アシストコース). Prior to Monster Hunter Frontier G3.2, before Partners were introduced, the Legendary Poogie was the only means of obtaining additional items in the rewards screen after a quest had been cleared.

Notable about the Legendary Poogie is his unique clothing and ability to drop Max Potions mid-quest, as well as getting you extra monster and gathering items in an additional reward screen. They are mostly praised for their ability to obtain even HC-carves.

In Other Media

Poogie is available as a companion in PlayStation Home when setting up a PSP Ad-Hoc Party game in Monster Hunter Portable. This is only available in Japan.

PlayStation Home Companions - Pugi

PlayStation Home Companions - Pugi

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