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In-Game Information

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A herbivorous monster known for its giant, bent tusk. Living in herds, it is particularly brave when defending its young. Popo meat is quite nutritious, and its tongue is widely admired as a delicacy.


  • Order: Proboscidea
  • Superfamily: Odd Nose
  • Family: Popo

Popo are wooly Herbivores found in many different cold regions.

Habitat Range

Popo are known to live in cold climates such as the Snowy Mountains, Tundra, and Frozen Seaway.

Ecological Niche

A large grazing herbivore, Popo is somewhat easy prey for anything larger than itself. Its size and tusks only work to deter smaller predators such as packs of Giaprey, Baggi, and Blango. Larger predators such as Blangonga, Tigrex, Barioth, and Deviljho can easily kill off large numbers of Popo rather quickly, making the large beasts an easy food source.

Biological Adaptations

Popo's thick fur keeps it warm in the cold mountain climate. Popo have especially thick hair covering its eyes to protect them from driving snow and ice. Large hooved feet disperse its weight evenly so it doesn't sink in deep snowdrifts. Popo's large tusks are used in self-defense against larger threats, and help Popo dig up plants buried deep under the snow. Males grow larger than females.


Popo are mostly mild tempered until provoked. Popo can be docile enough to be domesticated though still aggressive enough to attack potential threats.

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