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In-Game Information

MH4-Purple Gypceros Icon
A Gypceros variant distinguished by its unique purple hide. They are extremely resistant to poison, and can spit copious amounts of highly venomous saliva.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Bird Wyvern
  • Family: Gypceros

Purple Gypceros is a Subspecies of Gypceros. Like Gypceros, it to is part of the Bird Wyvern class.

Habitat Range

Purple Gypceros are usually found in areas such as the SwampJunglePrimal ForestSunken HollowEverwood and Dark Veil Forest.

Ecological Niche

Purple Gypceros holds 'middle ground' in the food chain. It is omnivorous and mainly feeds on insects and mushrooms. One major predator of Purple Gypceros is the menacing temnoceran Nerscylla, which will not only prey on the bird wyverns but also wear their very own skin as a crude form of armor.

Biological Adaptations

It has a crest on its head which the Purple Gypceros can stimulate in order to produce a flash that can blind both prey and predators. It also has adapted to poison enemy's with the use of its internal poisonous sac. Unlike most other creatures, Purple Gypceros has a thick, rubbery hide that renders electrical attacks and impacts ineffective. Their beaked snouts are also used as a weapon. It has a stocky, almost tubby body, a long tail that can stretch to surprisingly lengths.


Purple Gypceros is a relatively timid beast, but it has been known to 'play dead' in order to deceive an attacker. These bird wyverns are have a unique fascination with shiny objects which leads them to steal objects from hunters much to the displeasure of said hunters.

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