Purple Ludroth is a Leviathan and a Subspecies of Royal Ludroth introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


The purple coloring is due to the large amounts of toxins stored in its body. It has pale, grey skin and bright orange claws and spikes.


A large quantity of poison is stored in its large purple mane like a sponge. The Purple Ludroth can spit balls of poison mucus out of its mouth. It also releases a splash of poison from its mane by slamming into the ground.


The Purple Ludroth generally lives a solitary life free of any following of males or females. Unlike the common species, it is not known to spend time in the water.


This subspecies inhabits similar environments to the common species, but as it does not spend any time in large bodies of water, it is willing to travel further inland, and thus it can also be found in the Misty Peaks.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Information is taken from mhp3rd.net

Hitzone Cut. D. Imp. D. Shot D. Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head 36 45 50 15 0 10 5 5
Mane 44 40 35 15 0 10 5 0
Back 30 45 25 30 0 15 5 5
Stomach 45 36 35 20 0 15 5 0
Front Legs 25 30 20 10 0 10 5 0
Back Legs 30 25 20 10 0 5 5 0
Tail 40 40 40 15 0 5 5 0

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MH3U.png (2013) Logo-MHP3.png (2010) Logo-MHST JP.png (2017)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Purple Ludroth Icon.png 紫色のタテガミを持つ、ロアルドロスの亜種。 スポンジ状のタテガミには、体内で生成された毒液が蓄えられており、行動の際に毒をまき散らす。 タテガミに水分を含ませる行動は、疲労回復にも繋がるため、水源が豊富な土地を好む。 別名”紫水獣”。
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Purple Ludroth Icon.png A Royal Ludroth subspecies with a spongy purple mane that can both store and disperse a powerful toxin. Moistening this mane seems to revitalize the creature, so it prefers to reside in watery areas.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★
Monster Hunter Stories
MHST-Purple Ludroth Icon.png A subspecies of Royal Ludroth. Poison is stored in their spongy purple manes.


General Notes

  • Just like Royal Ludroth, the Purple Ludroth recovers Stamina by bathing beneath a waterfall.
  • It can inflict Poison with its Swipe attack.
  • This Subspecies will huff poison gas when enraged.
  • While running, it can suddenly rotate and do a side barrel roll.
  • It can also run then jump at the hunter.

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