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Rage is when a monster has absorbed a certain amount of physical damage and reacts by becoming much more aggressive. Most monsters signal that they are entering an enraged state by roaring but the bird wyverns, like Yian Kut Ku and Gypceros, jump up and down. Even those which don't display these telltale signs still have actions that depict anger, such as red markings and/or huffs of smoke, water, electricity, fire, ice, sand or even bodily secretions (in the case of the Congalala) etc emerging from their mouths. The attack, defense and agility for each monster significantly skyrockets (to the point that some will one hit KO enemies). However, some like the Tigrex will actually experience lower increases in defense, making this a great time for heavy weapon users to attack. Monsters also develop certain tolerances (in the case of Diablos and Monoblos, they become immune to Sonic Bombs while enraged; while the Rathalos and Rathian are resistant against Flash Bombs, unless used skilfully. Likewise, the Yian Garuga will specifically avoid Pitfall Traps when enraged). It's even possible to use Pitfall Traps on an enraged Rajang or Nargacuga, who normally avoid Pitfall Traps.

The exact increases of stats depends on the monster's species. Monsters usually get enraged more often when they are close to death, some infamous examples being the Monoblos/Diablos, Khezu, Tigrex, Blangonga, Kirin, Rajang, Shogun Ceanataur, Gypceros (especially the purple subspecies) and various other subspecies, as well as creatures that demonstrate extreme aggression. Rage can also be induced by waking certain sleeping monsters (such as the Rathalos/Rathian), and in the case of Yian Kut-Ku, by stunning it with a Sonic Bomb or explosive, or occasionally by breaking a body part (a Shogun Ceanataur becomes 'locked' into rage when one or all of its claws is broken).

Most of the time, if a monster is in the middle of an attack and a hunter drives them into rage, they will stop that attack and perform the ''rage state indication''.

Some monsters, such as a Khezu, Tigrex, Shogun Ceanataur or the Mono/Diablos, sometimes go into a state of "constant rage", in which once that monster is out of rage mode, even one single HP of damage could set it off again. This generally occurs when the monster's death is imminent, and is also a good indication that it can be captured.

Monsters are immune to the Clutch Claw's effect of forcefully turning and flinch shot into the wall when enraged.

Rage Statistics

These are the increases in attack, defense and agility that some monsters experience when enraged.

Monster Attack Defense Agility
Cephadrome +150% +100% +110%
Yian Kut - Ku +120% +100% +130%
Blue Yian Kut - Ku +130% +100% +140%
Gypceros +130% +80% +130%
Purple Gypceros +140% +80% +140%
Rathalos +130% +100% +130%
Azure Rathalos +130% +100% +140%
Silver Rathalos +140% +110% +140%
Rathian +130% +100% +120%
Pink Rathian +130% +100% +130%
Gold Rathian +140% +100% +140%
Khezu +140% +110% +130%
Red Khezu +140% +110% +140%
Plesioth +150% +80% +110%
Green Plesioth +150% +80% +130%
Basarios +130% +120% +110%
Gravios +150% +120% +110%
Black Gravios +150% +120% +130%
Monoblos +150% +100% +130%
White Monoblos +150% +100% +140%
Diablos +150% +100% +130%
Black Diablos +150% +100% +140%
Lao - Shan Lung +150% +120% +150%
Ashen Lao - Shan Lung +150% +120% +150%
Kirin +150% +100% +130%
Yian Garuga +150%


Monster Signs of Rage Notes
Yian Kut-Ku

Blue Yian Kut-Ku

Huffs orange smoke from its beak and ears flare.

Will hop up and down angrily when entering rage.
(Note: If you used a sonic bomb,crag shot or barrel bombs, he will do it twice.)

Immune to sounds. Charges more often. Higher chance to drop a shiny when you use a sonic bomb.
Yian Garuga Huffs orange smoke from its beak. Will hop up and down angrily when entering rage. Able to avoid Pitfall traps with its "Trap-avoiding slyness." Performs the Rathian backflips more often.
Cephadrome Huffs sand. Immune to sonic bomb.

Green Plesioth

Huffs white steam from mouth Comes on land more often. Enters rage mode when you throw a Sonic bomb to draw him onto the ground.

Purple Gypceros

Huffs purple poison gas, eye rings glow orange or green species wise and their head crests will flicker rapidly unless their lightcrystal is destroyed. Will hop up and down angrily when entering rage. Uses the Flash more often.
Rathalos (and Subspecies) Huffs smoke. (In MH3, mouth will constantly house a lit flame). Roars when entering rage. Charges more often. Unless used with experience, Flash Bombs are ineffective and Pitfall/ Shock Traps will similarly hinder it for a shorter time frame.
Rathian (and Subspecies) Huffs smoke. (In MH3, mouth will constantly house a lit flame). Roars when entering rage. Does the somersault backflips more often.

White Monoblos

Huffs black smoke and red markings appear on its 'Crown'.

Will taunt with black smoke coming out of its mouth when enraged. Back feet will dig into the ground.

Immune to Sonic Bombs.

Black Diablos

Huffs black smoke. Will taunt with black smoke coming out of its mouth when entering rage. Back feet will dig into the ground.

Immune to Sonic Bombs.

Black Gravios

Huffs white smoke. Gives a short roar when entering rage.(Different roar from when he first spots you.) Uses Heat Ray attack more often.

Brute Tigrex

Huffs smoke, veins on arms and neck glow red, eyes turn bright red, and drools. Jumps back and roars when enraged. Becomes faster and easier to 'ledge' for its teeth will be stuck more easily. Lowers defense in rage, making this a great time for heavy weapons like the Great sword, Hammer etc to inflict extra damage.

(Subspecies) Can use super roar when enraged. Will do a double back jump more often.


Emerald Congalala

Stands on hind legs and farts when entering rage. Nose inflates and becomes red, as does its butt. Breathes fart fumes that will set you on fire. Nose will emit fart-like secretions when rage is induced. Will fart at nearby Hunters while being stuck on the Pitfall Trap. Farts more in rage.
Kirin Mane glows intensely and white electric waves surround it. Hurts any hunter close enough to it. Speed increases greatly.
Blangonga/Copper Blangonga Huffs icy or sandy smoke, species-wise and the cheeks will change color. Roars when entering rage. Speed increases, digs,back-kicks and ice breath (Blangonga only) more often.
Akantor Certain body parts flare red and huffs smoke. Eyes become bright red. Roars when entering rage. Immune to Sounds.
Ukanlos Huffs white smoke. Roars when enraged. Immune to Sounds.
Kushala Daora

Rusted Kushala Daora

Huffs smoke. Roars when entering rage. Much more airborne in Rage.


Huffs smoke. Roars when entering rage. Flamethrower range doubles in length. Able to perform Fire Claw Attack.
Chameleos Huffs green smoke that reveals its position and boss battle music plays. They will stand still and start moving their neck in an odd manner, as if searching for more attackers, when entering rage. None.
Daimyo Hermitaur

Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

Foams white bubbles from mouth. Does water blast more often.
Shogun Ceanataur

Terra Shogun Ceanataur

Foams white bubbles from mouth and claw length doubles. You will hear a "Zing!" sound when he is enraged. It is actually the Shogun extending his claws. Claws extend and double in length. Stays in its enraged state permanently until captured or slayed, however many claws are broken. This state will only wear off if the monster is killed or captured, or if quest is ended, eg if the hunter is knocked unconscious three times, abandons the quest or otherwise ends it. Does the Scythe Clothesline more often.
Bulldrome Huffs white smoke. Shakes head a lot right when it gets out of rage.

Furious Rajang

Becomes almost completely gold; Back hair stands up. Golden Rajang's fur stands up and it's surrounded by its Electric Aura. Jumps back suddenly and change in colour when entering rage. Only when it is enraged can it be affected by a Pitfall trap. Dealing enough damage to the tail/head will cause rage to end. When enraged, Rajang will destroy Shock traps. Similarly, it destroys Pitfall traps in non-rage.

Red Khezu

Huffs electricity. Sniffs the ground and is motionless when entering rage. Greatly increased speed, Thunder surrounds it on most of its Jumping Attacks. Will also use the electric field while performing a lunge attack or when jumping.
Basarios Huffs poison. Short roar when entering rage. Gains ability to shoot fireballs. May do the heat ray similar to the Gravios' heat attack, and beware because it moves its head side-to-side when it shoots the heat ray.
Lao-Shan Lung

Ashen Lao-Shan Lung

Walks faster None
Shen Gaoren Walks faster None

Crimson Fatalis

Huffs white smoke. Goes into Armor Mode (Crimson & White only).
White Fatalis Red markings and static on body. Goes into Armor Mode with enough damage dealt.

Green Nargacuga

Glowing red eyes and the tail grows spikes. Jumps suddenly with tail spikes showing and quickly roars. (Note: Do not mistake Tail Slam for Rage state!) Can be trapped with Pitfall Traps. Tail can only be cut in Rage state.
King Shakalaka BBQ fire gets larger and shoots fire balls from its BBQ spit. Speed and attack power increase.
Hypnocatrice Huffs light blue smoke. Back feathers stand. It will raise its head and then look straight at the hunter, with the tail standing up and making a screechy sort of noise when entering rage. Speed increases, performs Triple Sleep Balls attack and Jump Kicks more often.
Yama Tsukami Eyes glow Yellow. Uses the Wind Tunnel more often, right after the whisker grab.

Espinas Subspecies

Soft pink/orange color spreads over its back and the top part of its wings. Gains vulnerability to physical attacks.
Akura Vashimu Blood Colour changes from blue to yellow. Gems on back and claws glow.
Great Jaggi Huffs white smoke. Will body slam more often.
Great Baggi Huffs white smoke. Will body slam more often.
Qurupeco Huffs white smoke and the tail becomes red. Will be more likely to summon boss monsters.

Jade Barroth

Steam rises from its cranial vents. Charges quicker and charges more.
Uragaan Huffs black smoke. Firey cloud will be used instead of sleep cloud.

Savage Deviljho

Huffs dragon element, body expands, old scars show up. Chest and elemental defense becomes weaker. Gains ability to use dragon breath. It's Savage variant is permanently enraged unless it's put to sleep or attacked during it's counter animation.
Royal Ludroth Huffs water. Uses water spit more often.
Gobul Huffs water, puffs up body. It's back will deflect any weapon with green sharpness or less.
Agnaktor Huffs orange smoke. Will use the 360 fire beam.


Ivory Lagiacrus

Huffs blue smoke with thunder around its mouth, dermal spikes glow white. Uses thunder attacks more.

Frostfang Barioth

Eyes glow red. Moves faster.

Baleful Gigginox

Upper body turns black. Upper body turns red (Subspecies). Its body turns more strong, but his tail turns weak
Jhen Mohran None.
Ceadeus Neck and chest glow red. Only occurs in the second part of the hunt.
Alatreon Body glows white and emerald (in some areas). It will also huff the element of the attack it will use next (i.e. electricity for a thunder attack, flames for a fire attack, etc.). Alareon is immune to Flash Pods when enraged.


Stygian Zinogre

Electricity/Dragon glows brighter and surrounds it's body, enlarged spikes, attacks faster and becomes stronger. Zinogre will gather energy in order to increase its attack power causing a thunder-like blast around its body. Zinogre's defence lowers. It can preemptively leave its rage state if it loses its lightning charges.
Safi'jiiva Eyes will glow and will focus on the hunter that deals the most damage to the monster. Safi'jiiva loses energy with each attack in it's rage state. If the focused hunter does not deal enough damage when enraged, Safi'jiiva will enter into a berserk state where its attacks become far more relentless and does not lose energy. The hunter can regain its attention by using the flinch shot into its head.
Raging Brachydios The slime within it's body will fully turn red and dealing enough damage to it will cause the slime to fall and explode, damaging nearby hunters.

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