This creature's body is covered in webbing, as if it's wearing a white gown. It uses its webs to stop hunters in their tracks, before attacking them with burning gas. It is always seen carrying its offspring with it. Known as "Rachnoid," these little creatures provide their mother with support in moving around and catching prey. Be very careful of their combined attacks.

Rakna-Kadaki is a Temnoceran first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.


Rakna-Kadaki are Temnocerans bristling with sharp curving spikes. Their body is covered in a purple carapace with several large spikes on the legs and the abdomen, which are used to hang their web. Unlike Nerscylla, Rakna-Kadaki have six legs, the first two pairs are walking legs and the last pair is held above the ground carrying the abdomen, and a pair of purplish-red, blunt pedipalps that can extend to over three times their length. The most peculiar trait of Rakna-Kadaki however is its "neck". Similar to pelican spiders, it has a long, extendable neck that can be "retracted" back on top of the thorax. Its head sports eight yellow eyes, as well as two pairs of chelicerae on its jaw.

Its offspring, called Rachnoid, looks like a ball of silk with the legs, pedipalps, and spikes sticking out of the ball.

Behavior and Abilities

Unlike most spiders, as well as Nerscylla, Rakna-Kadaki are capable of spitting silk from their mouth, and can spit several strands at the same time. They use this silk to bind their prey in web before finishing them off. They also capable spewing a stream of burning gas from its mouth, as well as expelling the same gas from the body.

Rakna-Kadaki are normally seen wearing their silk on the body, creating the appearance of a white gown. They also carry their babies around at all times, and can send them out to for coordinated attacks, such as spitting out globs of silk or pulling in their mother using their own silk.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Rise
MHRise-Rakna-Kadaki Icon.png A Rakna-Kadaki is usually seen covered in sticky webbing. Clinging to its abdomen are its offspring, known as Rachnoid, which it controls using the flammable gas that builds up there. Rachnoid spit fire, capture prey, and support the Rakna-Kadaki's massive body. As their numbers dwindle, the beast will hatch more, at which point it is extremely dangerous.


  • Rakna-Kadaki is based off of the Jorōgumo yokai from Japanese folklore.[2]
    • Its Japanese name is derived from Yatsukahagi, another name for the Tsuchigumo.
  • Rakna-Kadaki has two states in which it can enter, however, not freely.
    • Gown State: The state in which Rakna-Kadaki wears its silk on its legs. Upon removing the silk from two of the four walking legs, the silk on other legs is also removed, the Rakna-Kadaki will collaps for a second while Rachnoid will fall off before dig away. Rakna-Kadaki always starts the quest in this state, and will immediately reenter this state by binding its silk onto the legs after recovering from the collapse when the abdomen silk in the Incubating State is broken.
    • Incubating State: The state in which Rakna-Kadaki bounds its abodomen into a massive ball of silk, which it initiates immdediately after recovering from the collapse when the gown is broken. In this state Rakna-Kadaki will try to use its abdomen to smash at its foes. However, the abdomen becomes a massive weakspot in this state. If enough damage is done to the abdomen, the silk ball will break apart, causing Rakna-Kadaki to collapse and expose its head for several seconds. However, even if you break the abdomen silk, Rachnoid will always spawn, and Rakna-Kadaki will enter the Gown State.


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