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This is the Low Rank Blademaster Version of the Rathalos Armor.

Click for Low Rank Gunner Version of Rathalos Armor.

Rathalos Armor
for Male/Female
Rarity: 4, Total Slots: 4
General Information
Rathlos-Blademaster.png Total Defenses:
Initial Defense 200
Max Defense
Fire Resistance 10
Water Resistance -5
Ice Resistance -15
Thunder Resistance 10
Dragon Resistance -20
Skill Effects: Attack Up (Large), Detect, Paralysis Duration Doubled
Armor Pieces
MH3icon-Helm.png Head Rathalos Helm
MH3icon-Plate.png Torso Rathalos Mail
MH3icon-Gauntlets.png Arms Rathalos Vambraces
MH3icon-Waist.png Waist Rathalos Tasset
MH3icon-Leggings.png Feet Rathalos Greaves

Slots & Description

Armor Piece Name Slots Description
Rathalos Helm
O For a hunter, this rare helm is almost like a crown. Boasts overwhelming Defense.
Rathalos Mail
--- With the power of the ruler of the sky, its flawless Defense inspires awe.
Rathalos Vambraces
O Made from the backbone of the king of the heavens. One attack can split the sky.
Rathalos Tasset
O Made from red scales, full of ambition. Wearers boil over with a wyvern's power.
Rathalos Greaves
O Made with strong adult Rathalos materials. Meant to improve footwork skills.


Items Required Cost
MH3icon-Helm.png Rathalos Wing x1, Rathalos Scale x2, Dragonite Ore x2 5800z
MH3icon-Plate.png Rathalos Webbing x3, Rathalos Shell x3, Rathalos Scale x2, Monster Bone+ x2 5800z
MH3icon-Gauntlets.png Rathalos Webbing x2, Rathalos Scale x3, Machalite Ore x1, Firestone x1 5800z
MH3icon-Waist.png Fire Wyvern Claw x2, Rathalos Scale x2, Rathalos Shell x3, Lg Monster Bone x2 5800z
MH3icon-Leggings.png Rathalos Shell x3, Rathalos Scale x2, Fire Wyvern Claw x2, Machalite Ore x2 5800z
Rathalos Wing x1, Rathalos Scale x11, Dragonite Ore x2, Rathalos Webbing x5, Rathalos Shell x9, Monster Bone+ x2, Machalite Ore x3, Firestone x1, Fire Wyvern Claw x4, Lg Monster Bone x2

Armor Stats


Fir Wat Ice Thn Drg
MH3icon-Helm.png 40 +2 -1 -3 +2 -4
MH3icon-Plate.png 40 +2 -1 -3 +2 -4
MH3icon-Gauntlets.png 40 +2 -1 -3 +2 -4
MH3icon-Waist.png 40 +2 -1 -3 +2 -4
MH3icon-Leggings.png 40 +2 -1 -3 +2 -4
TOTAL 200 +10 -5 -15 +10 -20


Skill Points Total
MH3icon-Helm.png MH3icon-Plate.png MH3icon-Gauntlets.png MH3icon-Waist.png MH3icon-Leggings.png
Attack +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 +20 Attack Up (Large)
PsychicVis +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +10 Detect
Paralysis -2 -2 -2 -2 -2 -10 Paralysis Duration Doubled
Rec Speed +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +5

  • The armor gives the following skills:
  1. Attack Up (Large): Increases attack power by a multiplier of 20
  2. Detect: Boss monster is shown at start of the quest and every 10 minutes, and can be painted to show in Detail
  3. Para Duration (X2): Stun times are doubled


Despite having generally bad resistance to elements besides Fire and Thunder, the Rathalos set has good defense for its level, and is a great offensive armor set. This is especially so on terrains which ban the use of bombs due to inclement weather. It is relatively easy to craft, and can be used until the higher levels if the hunter is skilled enough.


Slots per Piece

  • Helm: 1
  • Torso: 0
  • Arms: 1
  • Waist: 1
  • Legs: 1


The armor has 4 slots - which you gem it for is up to you, but here's a suggestion:

  • Insert 3 Psychic Jewels
  • Insert 1 Paralysis Jewel

You would now have the following skills:

  1. Attack Up (Large): Increases attack power by a multiplier of 20
  2. Autotracker: Shows on your map a constant indication of where a large monster is (i.e. a wyvern has a mini dragon picture, a "drome" is just a blob, a Congalala is a gorilla, a Hermitaur is a crab etc); also shows how active a certain monster is (i.e. blue is calm, red is angry, grey is dead).


  • The Rathalos Armor can also be found in Lost Planet 2.
  • Hunter's main appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a Rathalos Armored female.
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