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In-Game Information

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Ray Gougarf is classified as Fanged Beast. Ray Gougarf isn't the recessive gene while Lolo Gougarf is. Interestingly, they are closely related to Rajang.

Habitat Range

So far, Gougarf have only been found living in the Gorge.

Ecological Niche

Gougarf are top predators in their environment preying on Apceros, Mosswine and Genprey as their usual prey. Although high in the food chain together, a sole Gougarf can be overwhelmed by Espinas Subspecies, Rajang, Tigrex, Dyuragaua, Berukyurosu, Rathalos, Rathian, and its Subspecies, along with Rebidiora. But when in company of other Gougarf, they can resist and even overwhelm some of these predators.

Biological Adaptations

The hair on a Gougarf's body picks up large amounts of electrical currents and is able to produce a large amount of electricity. A Gougarf's genes play apart in their charging ability. The charges on Ray Gougarf and Lolo Gougarf are both different from each other and barely has any strength. But by working together the charge is dramatically stronger and they are able to produce their infamous magnetic attacks. To support them while their doing these attacks, their tail helps them keep balance along with their heart. The jaws of the Gougarfs are able to crush the hard shell of prey.


The Gougarf are highly aggressive creatures that should not be provoked. When the Gougarf goes on an apparent rampage in an area, it really is just playing with another Gougarf.

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