Redhelm Arzuros are Deviants of Arzuros introduced in Monster Hunter Generations.


Redhelm Arzuros are among the largest of their species. Their forearms, feet, eyes, and upper body-fur are blood-red in color. Aside from those sections, their bodies are primarily blue, with their carapace and lower body-fur being a greenish blue. A pronounced strip of fur atop their head gives the impression of a mohawk.


Redhelm Arzuros use their increased size and strength to their advantage during battle. They are known to leap high into the air, landing with incredible force in an attempt to crush an opponent. They also use their larger claws and more powerful arms to rip through the ground and hurl debris through the air, and have even been observed sending entire schools of fish flying by performing this action in watery environments.


Redhelm Arzuros inhabit the same environments as ordinary Arzuros, but are significantly less common. On extremely rare occasions, they have been found at the Tower as well.

Game Appearances

Main Series


In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Redhelm Arzuros Icon.png A ruffian known for its wild, red mane of hair. Unrivaled in its cruelty, sightings of a Redhelm near human settlements is a serious call for alarm, though very few can handle hunting it. As it's far more likely for a would-be hunter to end up as its lunch, it requires special permission to hunt.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★

Music Themes

Battle_Deviant_Monsters_【二つ名持ちモンスター戦闘】_Monster_Hunter_Generations_Soundtrack MHGen: Deviant Theme


General Notes

  • Redhelm Arzuros' roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • Redhelm Arzuros' head and forelegs can be broken.
    • Its forelegs become a weak point after being broken.
  • Redhelm Arzuros can do a 360 claw swipe, a jump attack where it slams its butt on the ground, a single extremely powerful claw swipe, and a five-swipe combo with homing tendencies.
    • Redhelm Arzuros' 360 swipe and big swipe have windpress.
    • If its single claw swipe hits the water, it will cause fish to fly out and leave a shiny.
  • When fatigued Redhelm Arzuros will take longer to recover from its jump attack.
  • Redhelm Arzuros will feed on honey to recover stamina.
  • Redhelm's attack power increases massively when it is enraged.
  • G-Rank Redhelm can perform a U-turn while charging.
    • If it holds out its arm while charging, it will use a powerful spin attack.

Monster Hunter Rise

  • While it does not directly appear in Monster Hunter Rise, Apex Arzuros shares many of its moves.

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