Relicts (Japanese: 死骸種 Shigaishu) are a class of monster first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. This class covers certain creatures found in The Witcher series. This class includes only two known types of monster, the Leshen and Ancient Leshen.

Fifth Generation Relicts


  • Relicts were introduced in the Fifth Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Relict existed in the Generations prior to Fifth and in Monster Hunter Orage. The term "Relict" itself seems to be a direct adaptation of a monster classification from the Witcher series; the classification itself encompasses a large number of seemingly unrelated monsters (including some that are sentient and able to speak human languages, like the Godlings) that all share a vulnerability to a substance called Relict Oil.
  • There are currently no new Relicts in the Frontier Generation and Monster Hunter Online series.
  • Just like Elder Dragons, Relicts are immune to traps and cannot be captured.
  • Because it exists solely for collaboration purposes, Relict is the first non-canonical monster classification in the main series.

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