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In-Game Information

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Small wyverns with outstanding flying abilities, they loiter in the skies waiting to prey upon weakened animals. Known to attack alongside Elder Dragons, they are known as an omen to disaster.


  • Order: Snake Wyvern
  • Suborder: Winged Snake Wyvern
  • Family: Remobra

Remobra are classified as Flying Wyverns in the Old World but, have recently been reclassed as Snake Wyverns in the Val Habar region. In Mezeporta, a small Flying Wyvern known as Egyurasu have been discovered and are quite similar to the Remobra.

Habitat Range

Remobra have been seen inhabiting the Old Volcano, Volcano, Tower, Gorge, Desert, Jungle, Swamp, Heaven's Mount, Frozen Seaway, Dunes, Great Desert, and Great Fortress Lake.

Ecological Niche

Remobra are in the middle of the food chain. They feed on smaller animals ranging from a pack attacking a hunter to smaller prey. They are also scavengers as they follow Elder Dragons trail of destruction when on rampages. Remobra have even been seen eating their own kind when given the opportunity.

Biological Adaptations

The Remobra have evolved wings, which are fairly large in comparison to their body size in the Old World. Despite their wings being large, their legs are relatively weak and they can barely stand up with their legs. To avoid standing up, they spend of their time in the air flying. It preys upon weakened animals, by using their poison to finish off their victim and letting it bleed to death by using its claws.


Despite their size, Remobra are very aggressive. Upon sighting prey, they screech and swiftly swoop toward their target. Sometimes they collect in vast numbers at the top floor of the Tower. This is probably due to their attraction towards to the Elder Dragons, which are present within the Tower. Remobra gather in an area shortly before an Elder Dragon attack. Because of this, they are sometimes known as omens of disaster. Remobra have been seen to mostly feed on leftovers from the Elder Dragons destruction and to even occasionally eat their own kind when give an opportunity to.

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