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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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Royal Ludroth use their sponge like neck scales to absorb water and prevent drying out on land. Once the sponge loses moisture, they attempt to re-enter the water. They also spew mucus to trip up their prey.


  • Order: Leviathan
  • Suborder: Leviathan
  • Infraorder: Fluff Wyvern
  • Family: Royal

Royal Ludroth are mature male Ludroth who are the leaders of a Ludroth harem. Its only known relative is the Purple Ludroth, a poisonous mutation of Royal Ludroth.

Habitat Range

Within the Old World Royal Ludroth have been seen in the Deserted Island,  Flooded Forest, Misty PeaksPrimal Forest, and Ruined Ridge.

Ecological Niche

The Royal Ludroth is at the middle of the food chain. In a pack, a Royal Ludroth is a formidable predator. They are omnivores feeding on crustaceans, shellfish, clams, fish, EpiothKelbi and algae. They've also been stalking larger prey on land like Aptonoth and Slagtoth.

Biological Adaptations

Like Great Jaggi, the males of the Ludroth species increase in size and develop physical changes that set them apart from younger males and the opposite gender, in this case a large, spongy mane. This mane sucks water like a sponge, allowing the Royal Ludroth to survive out of water for some time. However, when weakened, it must go back to its watery domain to fill its sponge up with water. Their manes are made of specialized hairs and fibers. Their scales enable them to move gracefully on land with the help of a special extract found inside them. The extract allows a Royal Ludroth to run without spending much energy for long distances. The claw of a Royal Ludroth are better adapted for movement, plunging into the earth with each step taken.


Royal Ludroth are rather calm in nature when not disturbed but, can be provoked easily. A harem of Ludroth are lead by only one Royal Ludroth and the harem usually has only about ten females in it. Most harems aren't very big. During Breeding Season, Ludroth will make a nest by digging into the sand and laying a clutch of seven eggs. Once the eggs are laid, the Ludroth will stay with their nest until its time for their eggs to hatch. As they guard their nest, the Royal Ludroth will fill his mane with water and hydrate each female with water so they don't die from the extensive heat. Once the eggs hatch, the young will stay and live in the shallows until they reach adulthood and feed on anything smaller than themselves. The young are well-known for causing trouble in some areas such as stealing catches from fisherman.

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