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In-Game Information

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Rukodiora is a recently discovered Elder Dragon, only hunted in the Mezeporta of the Hunter's Guild. It also has an over charged mutation known as Rebidiora, its only known close relative.

Habitat Range

Rukodiora has only been seen attacking the Interceptor's Base and roaming the Desert and White Lake in the Old World.

Ecological Niche

While these dragons are mostly seen causing major damage and destruction at the Interceptor's Base they've also been sighted in the Desert. In the Desert they compete with Kuarusepusu, Tigrex, Copper Blangonga, Akura Vashimu, and its other Elder Dragon brethren such as Kushala Daora, Teostra, and Lunastra. Despite such fierce competition these dragons are capable of fighting on par with said predators due to their powerful use of the Dragon Element. Recently there was a discovery of an extremely large Wyvern known as Odibatorasu that is a major threat to any creature smaller than itself and even a Rukodiora would avoid this predator at all costs.

Biological Adaptations

Rukodiora has large gold colored horns, golden wings, grey scales and spines along its tail. All of these help it control its magnetism but its wings and scales are the main reason why it is always charged with electricity. It is able to release a dust on objects it usually has no control over, using this dust it can now push and pull the objects at its own will. The scales of Rukodiora gather electricity and work as generators for its abilities. The wings of Rukodiora contains a deadly amount of electricity;if a human hand touches a Rukodiora's wing, the hand becomes completely numb. The claws of Rukodiora are light and are strong enough to cut through metal.


Rukodiora are aggressive creatures, and it currently lays siege to the Interceptor's Base and travels the Desert.

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