Ruler Guanzorumu are Elder Dragons and Extreme Individuals of Guanzorumu introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.


Ruler Guanzorumu's appearance is extremely similar to regular Guanzorumu except now, his scales are white and the numerous spikes are now a golden color. His wings also take on a fire like appearance and his eyes glow red.


Ruler Guanzorumu has almost the same moveset as regular Guanzorumu, however, instead of using fire and dragon seperately, it combines them into a golden flame. The Egyurasu are also capable of breathing this Golden Flame.


Ruler Guanzorumu, much like his relative, is extremely aggressive and will not hesitate to use it's Golden Flame to scorch the hunter.


Ruler Guanzorumu can be found in areas such as the Cloud Viewing Fortress.

Game Appearances

MH Frontier G10

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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