The Sacred Land (神域) is a remote area somewhere within the volcanic region. Due to the extreme heat, a Cold Drink or the armor skill Heat Cancel (High) is needed to stop health depletion. Standing near the lava rapidly decreases health. The circular patch of land on which Alatreon is fought is enclosed by a lava river, and contains two pools of lava in its center. The base camp is set up behind a crevasse in the mountain wall where it is safe. However, the only way to reach it is through use of a Farcaster or by being taken there by the cart Felynes. No supplies are to be found in the camp but there is a single bed. There are climbable ledges on each side of the main area (east and west) on which Alatreon may get its horns stuck in after a charge. This only works if both horns haven't been broken yet.

No gathering points are available here in Monster Hunter 3.

In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, two Ballistae have been added to the area and a plant gathering point, in addition, there's a ballista binder in the upper section of the area which makes Alatreon fall from its fly state.