MHP3-Sacred Pinnacle Map

Sacred Pinnacle Map (MHP3)

The Sacred Pinnacle is an area introduced in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, located high in the mountains surrounding Yukumo Village. The sky in this area is blood red, with swirls of grey and purple. Roaring, gale-force winds can be heard at all times.

Hunters can man the four ballistae in the area to shoot at or bind Amatsu in place.


  • The Base Camp is located on a small opening in the mountain's cliffs.
  • Flowers in the area can be gathered for Herbs or Nulberries.
  • Remains that resemble broken boxes can yield Ballista S if gathered.
  • The giant log can be broken by Amatsu when it attacks it, but only a portion of it is broken
  • If you look around you will see the fallen parachute of a hunter and a member from the Elder Dragon observation center that tried to observe Amatsu. The parachute was destroyed as seen in Amatsu's Ecology video.
  • Upon Amatsu's death, the raging wind and rain, as well as the swirling black and purple clouds, will dissipate and the sun will shine. (except in Monster Hunter Online)


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