Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) OST - Sandy Plains Battle

Monster Hunter 3 (tri-) OST - Sandy Plains Battle

MH3: Sandy Plains Music Theme
MHP3-Sandy Plains Day Map

Sandy Plains Day Map (MHP3rd)

MHP3-Sandy Plains Night Map

Sandy Plains Night Map (MHP3rd)


Resource Map

The Sandy Plains is a location introduced in Monster Hunter 3. It is located in a dry, Savannah-like region characterized by parched, cracked ground, Altaroth mounds, sandstone caves, and wide open desert areas. This place is home to many species of large monsters, such as Barroth, Diablos, Nibelsnarf, and Qurupeco. A Cool Drink is required in Areas 8, 9, and 10 during the day, and a Hot drink is required in these areas at night. 

Common Resources


  • Bone
  • Golden Bone
  • Crystal Bone
  • Monster Bone S
  • Mystery Bone
  • Unknown Skull


  • Bitterbug
  • Bughopper
  • Gluehopper
  • Carpenterbug
  • Divine Rhino (High-rank)
  • Godbug
  • Hercudrome (High-rank)
  • Insect Husk
  • Mega Fishing Fly
  • Royal Rhino
  • Thunderbug
  • Worm


  • Goldenfish
  • Popfish
  • Scatterfish
  • Silverfish (High-rank)
  • Sushifish
  • Whetfish


  • Bomberry
  • Fire Herb
  • Ivy
  • Nulberry
  • Paintberry


  • Blue Mushroom
  • Choice Mushroom
  • Dragon Toadstool
  • Exciteshroom
  • Nitroshroom
  • Parashroom
  • Unique Mushroom


  • Adv Armor Sphere (High-rank)
  • Armor Sphere (High-rank)
  • Armor Sphere+ (High-rank)
  • Hvy Armor Sphere (G-rank)
  • Auristone Chunk (High-rank)
  • Auristone Piece
  • Carbalite Ore (High-rank)
  • Crystal Bone
  • Dragonite Ore (High-rank)
  • Earth Crystal
  • Fucium Ore (High-rank)
  • Golden Bone
  • Ice Crystal
  • Iron Ore
  • Lightcrystal (High-rank)
  • Machalite Ore
  • Mystery Charm (High-rank)
  • Shining Charm (High-rank)
  • Stone
  • Unknown Skull
  • Whetstone


  • Cactus Flower
  • Felvine
  • Fire Herb
  • Herb
  • Ivy
  • Sleep Herb
  • Worm

Veggie Elder

Location: Base Camp

VeggieElder Exchanged Item Received Item Gifts
Crystal Bone Hot Drink
  • First-aid Med
  • Felvine Bomb
  • Tuna Bait
  • Goldenfish Bait
  • Psychoserum
  • Old Bug Net
  • Adamant Pill
  • EZ Shock Trap
  • Bug Net
  • Iron Pickaxe
Golden Bone Sonic Bomb
Herbivore Egg Dash Juice
Monster Guts First-aid Med
Wyvern Tear Mega Potion
VE Ticket Demondrug
VE Ticket Bronze Nibelsnarf Scalp
VE Ticket Silver Rathian Plate
VE Ticket Gold Rathian Ruby
VE Ticket Cosmic Rathian Mantle

Secret Area


  • If the Felyne Explorer skill is activated, the player will start off at the edge of Area 6, above some other mining points.


  • There is a sleeping Aptonoth to the left of the bed at the Base Camp.
  • A colorful display of shooting stars can be seen in areas at night.
  • There is a hidden shortcut; from the Basecamp, the player can go behind the red delivery box, then travel through the entrance to reach Area 7.