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Scarred Yian Garuga is a Variant of Yian Garuga first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


In terms of appearance, Scarred Yian Garuga is virtually identical to Yian Garuga. The main difference between the two is that one of this monster's ears is missing and Scarred Yian Garuga received a scar across its face. It also can only be found in a tempered state.

Behavior and Abilities

In terms of behavior, Scarred Yian Garuga is just as aggressive as Yian Garuga. The two monsters have virtually the same moves, but Scarred Yian Garuga can unleash a barrage of small fire balls whilst its in the air. Scarred Yian Garuga also can execute more consecutive air attacks than Yian Garuga.

Game Appearances

Main Series

In-game description

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Scarred Yian Garuga Icon A tempered Yian Garuga that has survived a grueling battle with just a scar on its head. Be careful of its successive breath attacks.

Element/Status Effectiveness

Monster Materials


For more information, see Yian Garuga Equipment.



  • Scarred Yian Garuga is very similar to the Monster Hunter Freedom Yian Garuga, which was always found with scarred parts.
  • Scarred Yian Garuga does not have its own armor set; however, some of its materials are needed to complete the regular Yian Garuga set.

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