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The Secluded Valley is an area first introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.


The location consists of three areas where you fight Safi'jiiva.

First Level

  • There's a decaying ground on the first level of the area covered. When Safi'jiiva is flinched at around that area, it will get stuck and open for attack.
  • There are also two boulders that can be dropped on Safi'jiiva with slinger pods, given that you are able to push it close to them.

Second Level

  • There are multiple protruding rocks on the second level of the area. Using those will allow hunters to avoid getting hit by Safi'jiiva's devastating special breath attack.

Third Level

  • There are also multiple protruding rocks on the third level. However, some of these will break with every Safi'jiiva's Sapphire of the Emperor.
  • Eventually, it is possible to run out of rocks to use as cover as all of them would have been broken. If this happens, Safi'jiiva will do its Sapphire of the Emperor attack twice back-to-back, resulting in a definite quest fail (Only happens on the 2nd run of the quest).
  • There are several gas patches scattered around the area that can explode if Safi'jiiva steps on them. These will spawn as soon as Safi'jiiva does its Sapphire of the Emperor, and will continuously regenerate each time Safi'jiiva does this attack.
  • Multiple rock debris will fall onto hunters if Safi'jiiva fires its laser at the ceiling. The place these rocks will land is indicated by an orange glow on the floor.
  • Alatreon is fought exclusively in this level. When encountered, there are three protruding rock walls where the gas traps would have spawned that players can flinch shot Alatreon into with the Clutch Claw to topple it. Farcasters are disabled throughout the entire fight.


  • Xeno'jiiva sheds its skins countless times in this valley, and these shedded shrouds and skins litter around the valley. Some that are littered in high altitude is blown by the wind, creating quite a scene.