The Second Fleet Master (Japanese 2期団の親方) is one of the main technicians in Astera and the leader of the Second Fleet.


The Second Fleet Master lives for the craft. He says even losing his second eye wouldn't keep him from work. He encourages hunters to upgrade their gear and offers tips on how to best use their equipment.


Coming ten years after the First Fleet, he led the Second Fleet to the New World to help improve Astera. While most of the hunters from the First and Second Fleets have now returned to the Old World, the technicians are still hard at work.


  • He says to have lost most of his vision from staring into the forge fire for too long.[1]
  • The desegregation of Blademaster and Gunner Armor in Monster Hunter: World is explained by the Second Fleet Master. It was the Second Fleet's first job after arriving in Astera, and while it wasn't easy, the Tech Chief had already laid the groundwork.[2][3] Some balked at the idea of removing the barrier, but no one objected outright.[4] The Huntsman still wears his old armor, and while part of the Second Fleet Master wants to shake sense into him, the other part wants to clap him on the back.[5]
  • He's tried to get the Admiral to use a slinger, but the Admiral complains that it's too "cumbersome" and that he could just throw the "damn thing" himself... which makes the Second Fleet Master want to throw him.[6]



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