Secret Areas are areas not accessible during Low-rank quests, gathering quests or after exiting one in a High-rank quest. The gathering spots yield rare items including; Felyne Fur Rubies, Ancient stones, Ruststones, rare Herbs, rare Seeds, Bugs and Ores.

The chances one would start in secret area is 1%. Often there will be a mining, bug catching or fishing spot. Those unfortunate enough to land in a secret area without pickaxes and/or bugnets will have to settle with just the gathering spots and possible monsters in the area.

Maps that harbor Secret Areas

In MH3

In Monster Hunter Tri, the secret areas are only accessible online at High-rank. All zones in the game have one secret area, except for Elder Dragon exclusive zones (The Great Desert and the Sacred Land). When one enter these zones at High-rank, there is a chance that they will arrive in the secret area; if they have the Felyne Kitchen Skill called "Felyne Explorer", then they will always appear there when they start the quest. The "Felyne Explorer" Kitchen Skill does not work if one is attempting a Gathering Quest

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