The Seeker (Japanese 竜人族のハンター) is a Wyverian hunter and a member of the First Fleet.


Elusive and somewhat secretive, the Seeker is rarely seen, having dedicating himself to unlocking the mystery behind the Elder Crossing. While he still cares about his old friends, he feels compelled to see his task to its end. As a Wyverian, he thinks differently than a human might and has sharp instincts, sharper even than most Wyverians.[1] After years alone trying to determine the mystery behind the Elder Crossing, he demonstrates a sort of fatigue.


The Seeker is one of the few Wyverian Hunters, and the only one in the Research Commission.[2] When he came to the New World forty years ago as part of the First Fleet, he could already feel the tremendous energy running through the land. Among his circle of friends, one did the commanding, another the tracking, another the fieldwork, and he did the thinking. With the Admiral constantly going out on his own, the Seeker took his place as the Commander's right-hand man.[3] It worked well for a long time, until the Seeker felt a surge in the land's energies and decided to investigate the cause alone.[4] There was a look in his eye that stopped the Commander from asking what he hoped to find or why, nor did he stop him from leaving.[5]

With the arrival of Zorah Magdaros and the Fifth Fleet, the Seeker has resurfaced.


The Seeker has long, black braids and wears Hunter's Armor. Usually, he wears a hood over his head when traveling. He wields an Insect Glaive with the First Fleet's flag wrapped around it.



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