Shagaru Magala is an Elder Dragon first introduced in Monster Hunter 4.


Overall, Shagaru Magala's body structure is similar to its juvenile form, Gore Magala. However, following the skin-shedding, its body is now covered in glittering golden scales, as well as its horns, claws and other spiky protrusions, which changed colors from crimson red / purple to dark brown. The once hidden eyes underneath the horns are also now fully opened. Its ragged-tattered wings also became golden scaly sheets that when fully expanded, resembles a star shape (more specifically, when both wings are expanded.)


Having reached adulthood, Shagaru Magala's physical abilities are greatly enhanced; they are much stronger, more agile, and most of all, more ferocious. Their usual state is like that of an enraged Gore Magala, but with more variety of attacks and evasive maneuvers.

Apart from more aggressive melee attacks like the clawed wings-pounce and a grab attack that involves crushing and then hurling hunters around like a ragdoll, their virus breath attacks are also enhanced; with the range of the explosion being larger and dealing more damage, while the scattered pools of virus, not only infecting the hunters, also explode shortly after they were deposited, limiting the hunters' movements during a frenzied fight.

When enraged, a Shagaru Magala will fly high up into the sky and let out a deafening roar, while covering itself in purplish energy aura, before proceeding to deliver aerial assaults, or swooping down on unwary hunters.

The fight can become difficult due to the fact that Shagaru Magala are in a constant rage-like state, which gives inexperienced players less time to counter attack and heal themselves. Other concerns include the almost constant explosions around the arena that often catch careless players off guard, which can then lead to continuous assaults from Shagaru Magala that the players might not be able to escape from. The Confined Arena also works against the players, giving them only one big (but breakable) rock in the middle of the arena to use as a temporary hiding spot, and with no other way out (unless the players carry a farcaster that takes them back to the campsite).


While appearing divine, like a mythical deity of sorts, it also shows to be calm and calculating, as shown during the first encounter with the player in the Sanctuary, where it calmly scanned its opponent. However, once the monster initiated an attack, its feral and brutal nature is displayed in full force; it will chase and attack its enemies in a wild and destructive manner, unleashing everything it has got until its target is dead. Being in a constant rage state that is comparable to a raging Gore Magala, its looks almost to deceive others of its horrific monstrous nature.

Just like when they were still a juvenile, they release Frenzy Virus to infect other monsters nearby. The reason for this is to claim territory for themselves, prevent other Gore Magala from molting properly, and to release the next generation of Gore Magala into their territory. However, the infection radius seems to be wider than ever, as the virus can be seen leaking out from its den, infecting many monsters in the Heaven's Mount. The virus strain also seems to be more intense, easily corrupting a mighty beast like Zinogre and turning pack-monsters like the Iodrome and Ioprey against each other. The dark virus aura that envelops a Shagaru Magala is so intense that it's said to dissipate only once the progenitor monster is dead.

Other from the encounter at its den in the Heaven's Mount, not much else is known about this unique and dangerous monster.


While the juvenile Gore Magalas are known to roam many places (even if they are not seen in areas like the Frozen Seaway, the monsters of that region can still get infected by the Frenzy Virus, suggesting that the Gore Magalas definitely have been around possibly during their long flights from one area to another to find more prey), it seems that they would return to shed their dark skins in order to enter adulthood high up in the Heaven's Mount, to avoid possible threats during the shedding process.

At the campsite of the Heaven's Mount, stood an ancient stone door which has been sealed and shut tight. Beyond the door is actually the nest of Shagaru Magala, which is also known as the Confined Arena or Sanctuary. It is possible that the people of the past erected the gate to keep the beasts in, or at least wanderers out. However, the Confined Arena doesn't have any walls, which allows Shagaru Magala to freely enter and exit, making the sealed door obsolete.

Apart from its secluded den in the Heaven's Mount, Shagaru Magala are sometimes spotted wandering in the Everwood.

Game Appearances

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Icon.png 天空山の禁足地にて存在を確認された特徴的な輝きを放つ古龍。黒蝕竜が成長した後の姿であり、”天廻龍”と呼ばれている。古い歴史書にて「悪しき風が山を蝕んだ」とされる大災害と天廻龍との関連性が論じられているが事実は定かではない。
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Icon.png The distinctive radiant light of the mature Gore Magala has been seen in the Sanctuary of Heaven's Mount. Some believe Shagaru Magala was the "foul wind that withered a mountain," a calamity spoken of in ancient texts.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter Generations
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Icon.png The distinctive radiant light of this mature Gore Magala has been seen in the Sanctuary of Heaven's Mount. Some believe Shagaru Magala was the "foul wind that withered a mountain," a calamity spoken of in ancient texts.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter Frontier Z
FrontierGen-Shagaru Magala Icon.png (?)

Music Themes

MH4: Shagaru Magala Battle Theme

MH4U Breakable Parts

Horns (x2)
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Horns Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shagaru Magala Horns Break 002.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shagaru Magala Horns Break 003.jpg
Wingarms (x1)
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Wingarms Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shagaru Magala Wingarms Break 002.jpg
Wings (x1)
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Wings Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shagaru Magala Wings Break 002.jpg
Tail (Sever)
MH4U-Shagaru Magala Tail Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shagaru Magala Tail Break 002.jpg


General Notes

  • Shagaru Magala's horns can be broken twice, along with its wingarms and wings, while its tail can be severed and subsequently carved.
  • When Shagaru Magala is in Rage Mode, There are random virus explosions in the area.
  • Shagaru Magala has a Pin Attack; it grabs a hunter with one of its clawed wings and crushes them, before tossing them away.
  • Shagaru Maglala's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Unlike Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala no longer needs to use its hair to spread the virus. The viral substance seems to be leaking out of its body at all times, and can spread quite far out, posing a threat to all living things in the vicinity.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  • Similar to Gore Magala in Frenzy Virus Mode, Shagaru Magala can darken the area it is currently in, but to a much greater extent. However, unlike Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala has to be killed for the area to return to normal again.
  • When entering Frenzy Virus mode, Shagaru Magala will fly in the air and roar, causing a purple aura to form around it.
  • Shagaru Magala's normal state is comparable to the raging state of Gore Magala (similar to the Furious Rajang, which is constantly in a berserk state).
  • In G-rank, Shagaru Magala makes more virus explosion in the area, and some of its attacks (just like its charge and many wings attack), will make additional virus explosion.
  • When low on health in the Everwood, Shagaru Magala will sleep to recover health.
  • With its growth to adulthood, the Shagaru Magala now has functional eyes. This makes it vulnerable to Flash Bombs. They are very useful for knocking it out of the air, but not as useful on ground, due to the Shagaru's erratic movement patterns.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • Shagaru Magala is an Exotic Species (遷悠種)
  • Like Gore Magala, Shagaru Magala in G-Rank can also enter a True Frenzy state. In this state the pale areas on Shagaru turn a mix and mash of purple shades, the claws also turn purple with a sort of crystalline shine with some white. Much of the wing membranes also turn a bright shade of purple with shiny white edges, what seems to be Frenzy Crystals form on the sides of Shagaru Magala's neck, alongside more growing on the horns, and lastly a light purple and white aura radiates from Shagaru, alongside what looks like bright white sheddings flaking off it. Those last two details vanishing upon death.
  • Unlike Gore Magala Shagaru cannot be knocked out of its True Frenzy state, once it enters it, it shall remain that way for the rest of the hunt.

Monster Hunter Explore

  • Even with the game saying that Shagaru Magala has the earth element, it doesn't seems to use any elemental attack.

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