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Shah Dalamadur is a Subspecies of Dalamadur introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


While Shah Dalamadur still looks the same as Dalamadur, Shah Dalamadur has a white tone and his spines have changed colours to a red-orange along with the remnants of his hind legs. The spikes on the top of Shah Dalamadur's face seems to be bigger then regular Dalamadur's spikes. Shah Dalamadur appears to be the same size as normal compared to regular Dalamadur.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MH4U.png (2015) Monster Hunter 4 G (2014) Logo-MH4U.png (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur-Head Icon.png A Dalamadur subspecies easily identified by the red spines lining its back. Though they were once thought to exist only in legend, multiple sightings in the past few years have led many to fear Shah Dalamadur as an omen of grave things to come.

Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★

Music Themes

Battle_16_~Dalamadur~_Part_1_Monster_Hunter_4_OST MH4U: Dalamadur and Shah Dalamadur Music Theme 1
Battle_17_~Dalamadur~_Part_2_Monster_Hunter_4_OST MH4U: Dalamadur and Shah Dalamadur Music Theme 2

Shah Dalamadur has two music themes. The first theme plays in the first half of the quest while the second theme plays when sufficient damage has been done to it. Both music themes are shared with Dalamadur.

MH4U Breakable Parts

Head (x2)
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Head Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Head Break 002.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Head Break 003.jpg
Chest (x2)
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Chest Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Chest Break 002.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Chest Break 003.jpg
Right Claw (x1)
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Right Claw Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Right Claw Break 002.jpg
Left Claw (x1)
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Left Claw Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Left Claw Break 002.jpg
Back (x2)
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Back Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Back Break 002.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Back Break 003.jpg
Tail (x2)
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Tail Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Tail Break 002.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Shah Dalamadur Tail Break 003.jpg


General Notes

  • "Shah" is a directly non-translated word from the Persian language, Farsi. Its translated meaning is "King".
    • Some word candidates for this monster's name were Tsar, Imperial and Deshret, all of which are related to the color red and associated with power or royalty.[1]
  • Whilst the regular Dalamadur always starts off the battle curled up around the Speartip Crag, Shah Dalamadur starts the fight off clung to the edge of the area.
  • Shah Dalamadur can set the ground on fire with some of its bite and claw attacks which will damage hunters if they walk over it.
  • When its claws or spikes have a darker color, they become much tougher.
  • Shah Dalamadur's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  • Most of Shah Dalamadur's body is extremely resilient, as even weapons with purple sharpness will be deflected unless the attack is backed by the Mind's Eye skill or a similar effect. While Enraged, all of Shah's breakable body parts get this trait unless they are already broken.

  • References

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