Lance-Icon RARE 3 Sharq Attaq
Attack: 230
Attribute: 450 Water
Awakening: N/A
Affinity: 15%
Slots: OO

Description: Depicts the terror of Moga's shores. Just watch out for other hunters' harpoons.

Upgrade Materials
Sharq Ticket 5
R/Ludroth Coin 5
Pelagicite Ore 20
Cost: 9999z

Upgraded From: N/A

Upgraded Into: N/A

Sharq Tickets are obtained from the Event Quest 'Alluring Dress'(slay 30 sharq).

This is one of only 5 weapons that are attainable before HR31 which have blue sharpness. The others are Dancing Flames, Deadly Knife, Warrior's Sword and Rugged Lance+.

Also, contrary to popular belief, a White Sharpness weapon can be obtained before HR 31, by wearing the full Ceadeus armour for the Sharpness +1 skill then using this weapon. This can also be done with the Deadly Knife and the Viking Hornsword.

Screenshots Of Sharq Attaq


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