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In-Game Information

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A giant Carapaceon with an equally giant monster skull on its back. Prone to roaming and fiercely territorial, any intruders will be met with opposition, so nearby towns and forts must be warned of its presence.


  • Order: Decapoda
  • Infraoder: Unknown
  • Family: Gaoren

A massive Carapaceon that rivals Lao-Shan Lung in size, Shen Gaoren is the largest known Carapaceon. It has two close relatives known as Teppeki Shen Gaoren and Guren Shen Gaoren that use Akantor skulls.

Habitat Range

Shen Gaoren appear in the mountain ranges not far from Minegarde. They have also been found attacking in the mountain ranges around the Fortress, Town and Interceptor's Base. However, a molted skin of a Shen Gaoren appears in the Jurassic Frontier.

Ecological Niche

Due to Shen Gaoren not being seen interacting with other species, it is unknown how it fits into the ecological niche. However, Shen Gaoren have been found to be attacked by Nakarkos, a species of Elder Dragon.

Biological Adaptations

Its massive pincers are increbibly strong and sturdy, being described as capable of cutting through even the toughest volcanic rock. Its long legs give the Shen Gaoren an incredible field-of-vision, and if its eyesight is proficient, it should be able to spot prey from a very large distance. Like many other Carapaceons, its rear section is naturally very soft, and, if left unprotected, it's a large weak point. Fortunately, for them, Shen Gaoren are able to acquire the equally gigantic skull shells of the mighty Lao-Shan Lung (whether they are actually able to kill the Elder Dragon is still uncertain), which serves as incredibly efficient armor. It has been recently found that the gigantic skull shows signs of containing the deadly dragon element but Shen Gaoren doesn't seem to use this element. The Shen Gaoren is grey/blue in color, but its legs turn red as they experience great pain.

One of Shen Gaoren's deadliest abilities is its ability to shoot a gigantic ball of acid from its gigantic skull. This acidic ball can corrode armor rather quickly and, in some cases, it can even melt straight through the armor. Its unknown how this monster is able to produce this acid or even fire it out of its skull.


Shen Gaorens are relatively passive by nature. They move about without noticing hunters; however, when enraged, it may attempt to attack hunters by using their huge sturdy claws or by moving their legs and pincers wildly. It was recently discovered that Shen Gaoren attack villages and cities because they are in its territory. Shen Gaoren were found to attack any foe that pose any threat to them, showing that these passive giants can be aggressive when they feel that their life is in danger. When Shen Gaoren get old enough, or injured in battle, they'll molt.

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