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Shiningrock Uragaan are Special Species of Uragaan introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


The Shiningrock Uragaan body's is an icy blue, the scutes on its back and the top of its tail his purple, while the belly, the underside of its tail, and the underside of its neck are red.


Shiningrock Uragaan is capable of throwing chunks of ore from its tail like Uragaan, but the ore is bright violet in color. By slamming its chin to the ground, it detonates this ore, which releases a cloud of poisonous gas and freezes the ground surrounding it. Otherwise, the Shiningrock Uragaan behaves comparably to the normal Uragaan.


Shiningrock Uragaan only lives in the Tundra. It's reasonable to assume the Shiningrock Uragaan could also survive in other similar areas.

Game Appearances

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Monster Hunter Explore
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