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Shrieking Legiana is a Flying Wyvern and a Variant of Legiana.


Shrieking Legiana began appearing after much of the Legiana population had migrated to the Hoarfrost Reach. The first confirmed report of one was when an unnamed hunter and the Handler went searching for the Tracker whom had been caught in a collapsing glacier. The Shrieking Legiana was successfully hunted by said hunter.

Ecological Niche

Shrieking Legiana are one of the top predators of the Hoarfrost Reach, hunting everything from Popo to Cortos. However, it must compete with other large predators such as Tigrex as well as the apex predator Barioth. Invaders such as Savage Deviljho and Rajang, and Elder Dragons like Velkhana are all readily capable of preying on the Flying Wyvern.

Biological Adaptions

Shrieking Legiana share many of the same adaptions as a normal Legiana besides a few notable differences. Its coloration has darkened significantly to blend in the tundra better. More notably is the ice released by its frost sac. The freezing liquid Legiana is known for is now capable of briefly freezing completely into spikes. These attacks are strengthened by the icicles adorning its underbelly.


Shrieking Legiana are very territorial, attacking almost anything that strays near them. While they prefer to stay in the more mountainous areas, they can be drawn into more snowy areas using prey such as Popo. Shrieking Legiana are very sociable, and prefer to live in large flocks alongside other Legiana. When hunting or fighting off threats, it is not uncommon to see both a Shrieking Legiana and a normal Legiana working together.

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