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The Sky Corridor (天廊) is a newly discovered tower in Monster Hunter Frontier G6.

The Sky Corridor's Discovery

While on the Large Exploration Ship doing surveys, the Guild reported seeing a huge building on a small remote island. They later tried to investigate the area but were stopped by some monsters that inhabited the inside of the tower. From what they found on the inside of the tower, it was discovered that the Sky Corridor was built by the same ancient civilization that built the Tower near the Great Forest. Unlike the tower, it has many halls and doors that lead to all sorts of places. Some even leading towards deadly traps set up by the ancient civilization to protect some of their lost treasure and some of their lost weapons. After this area's discovery, it has became the Guild's top priority to study and survey the Sky Corridor. They have sent hunters inside the tower to investigate the inside of the area and what is at the top of this area.


Music Themes

MHFG 天廊の大ボスモンスター BGM

MHFG 天廊の大ボスモンスター BGM

MHF-G8: Sky Corridor Large Boss Monster Music Theme
MHFG 天廊の小ボスモンスター BGM

MHFG 天廊の小ボスモンスター BGM

MHF-G8: Sky Corridor Medium Boss Monster Music Theme


MHF-G6 プロモーションムービー

MHF-G6 プロモーションムービー

Title MHF-G6 プロモーションムービー
by MHFofficial