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In-Game Information

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Slicemargl is a recently discovered species of Fanged Beast.

Habitat Range

Slicemargl have been only seen living in Yilufa Snowy Mountains.

Ecological Niche

Slicemargl easily assert themselves as top predators in their environment. Though Slicemargl is a predator, it prefers to not hunt weak prey. This monster prefers to hunt for prey that is a worthy challenge to take down. The Ice Chramine, Blangonga, and Red Khezu are worthy prey for this type of predator.

Biological Adaptions

This monster has a similar build to Blangonga that combines strength, speed, and aggression together. On its arms and back are sharp spikes that resemble swords. The spikes aren't only hard but can actually regenerate if damaged, or knocked off by the Slicemargl, making them an effective weapon.


Slicemargl are a highly aggressive, yet peaceful, species that prefer to be alone. They can actually be seen living in harmony with Popo, Anteka, Bullfango, and even Blango. Slicemargl will go as far as protecting these monsters, much like how Gurenzeburu does. From a Slicemargl's hunting behavior, it can be said that they turn aggressive when they see worthy prey like humans or other large predators. Chances of a human surviving an attack from a Slicemargl is very slim. Though Slicemargl prefer to be alone, two have been reported together for unknown reasons.

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