Snake Wyverns (Japanese: 蛇竜種 Jaryūshu) are a class of monster first introduced in Monster Hunter 4. These monsters are known for their serpentine features, such as long, coiling bodies and forked tongues. They can range dramatically in both size and overall body structure, with some members being large, serpentine land-dwellers, while others are smaller and more reminiscent of Flying Wyverns.

Second Generation Snake Wyverns

Fourth Generation Snake Wyverns

Fifth Generation Snake Wyverns

None / Unconfirmed.


  • Snake Wyverns were introduced in the Fourth Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Snake Wyverns existed in the Generations prior to Fourth and in Monster Hunter Orage.
    • However, Remobra, previously a Flying Wyvern in the Second Generation of Monster Hunter Series, was reclassified as a Snake Wyvern in the later generations.
  • There are currently no new Snake Wyverns in the Third Generation, Fifth Generation, Frontier Generation and Monster Hunter Online series.

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