The Soaratorium (Japanese 龍識船) is a village first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. This airship is used by the Wycademy to travel and survey different lands around the world. By surveying from the air, they are able to identify the ecology of monsters in their native homes from a distance.



  • This vessel was built to further study Valstrax and Ruined Pinnacle.
  • In the deck of the ship, hunters can see the places where the Wycademy are exploring, which includes the Old World and an unidentified land.
  • On the front of this airship is a Dragonator, which is used to protect it from some threats.
    • Airships can only really be taken down by Elder Dragon-Level Monsters and Elder Dragons.
  • It has many of the same features as the of the villages, but also has Hunter's Hub for its quests are G-rank.
    • One of the airships across the bridge has the Hunter's Pub.
    • The Guild Receptionist that gives out the quests is a bold man.

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