Sparkling Zerureusu are Flying Wyverns and Extreme Individuals of Zerureusu introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith.


Sparkling Zerureusu bare close resemblance to the standard Zerureusu. The key difference lies in coloration, rather than the sparkling blue energy, veins, and crystals present on the standard version, Sparkling possesses reddish pink energy and crystals. Sprakling also starts its encounters with every crystal formation on at the same time.


Sparkling Zerureusu's fight is a sort of mishmash between that of the standard individuals moveset (though with many moves being absent), a few Supremacy Unknown attacks, with a couple new attacks thrown in as well. The crystal armor mechanic from the standard Zerureusu is absent with the formations now simply serving as additional breaks. New attacks include the one the fight opens with, with Zerureusu flying at high speeds around the air before diveboming and digging its spiked head extensions into the ground creating several large glowing red cracks, before ripping them out causing a burst of energy while roaring, during the first use of this Sparkling will crash through a stone wall upon entry, this is not repeated for subsequent attempts, taking to the air while making a blast of wind below it, before releasing several energy beams from various points of its body, most in a general circle area around it, with some aimed directly at any present hunters, and taking to the air before giving a hard flap of its wings causing a burst of energy around it.


Much like standard Zerureusu, Sparkling's are quite hostile, they seem to be less intelligent however as they don't make effective use of their crystal producing abilities anywhere near as well as the standard versions. Or there could be another reason for the comparatively minimal use.


Sparkling Zerureusu have only been encountered at the Historical Site.

Game Appearances

Main Series

  • None


In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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General Notes

  • Sparkling Zerureusu was the last monster added to Monster Hunter Frontier before the game was shut down.

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