Starving Deviljho are Extreme Individuals of Savage Deviljho introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G10.


Very similar in build, its key differences lie in its appearance. Most notable, instead of green the Extreme Individual is colored a bright gold. Along with red, glowing parts just like an enraged Deviljho. This is probably because of the excessive amount of Dragon elemental energy this version possesses. Other changes are the spikes that adorn its body. They have become larger and sharper, almost appearing like blades running along its back and tail. The same goes for the teeth on its jaw that now also look like blades protruding from it. All together, these spikes change color to a dark, blood-red.


In its normal state, it behaves the same as Savage Deviljho. When enraged however, its attacks are infused with Dragon element. Unlike Deviljho or Savage Deviljho, Starving Deviljho can shoot three balls of Dragon energy that explode upon impact. When Starving Deviljho does its stomp attack during rage mode, the stomp will create a burst of Dragon energy around the impact, sending hunters flying. It can throw three boulders at once when not enraged. When enraged however, it will throw a giant boulder instead.


Like Savage Deviljho Starving Deviljho is a mutated Deviljho variant that will attempt to feed on all it sees.


This variant lived in the arena.

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Monster Hunter Frontier Z
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