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A subspecies (Japanese: 亜種 Ashu) is an alternate form of a monster that usually sports different colors from the base form of a monster, and is considered more aggressive and dangerous compared to said monster as well.[1] The Guild defines subspecies as a population of monsters in which environmental factors or adaptive evolution has caused a certain group of monsters to change or mutate over time, creating a subspecies.[2][3] Although that is how the Guild defines subspecies, there are some exceptions to that rule.[4]

List of Subspecies by Generation

1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Frontier Generation

Online Generation


Bird Wyverns

MH4-Yian Kut-Ku and Konchu Render 001.png
MH4-Blue Yian Kut-Ku Render 001.png
Yian Kut-Ku Blue Yian Kut-Ku
MH4-Gypceros Render 001.png
Purple Gypceros MH4 Render.png
Gypceros Purple Gypceros
MHRise-Pukei-Pukei Render 001.png
MHWI-Coral Pukei-Pukei Render 001.png
Pukei-Pukei Coral Pukei-Pukei
3rdGen-Qurupeco Render 001.png
MHP3-Crimson Qurupeco Render 001.png
Qurupeco Crimson Qurupeco
MHO-Chramine Render 002.png
MHO-Ice Chramine Render 002.png
Chramine Ice Chramine

Brute Wyvern

Barroth Jade Barroth
MHGen-Duramboros Render 001.png
Duramboros Rust Duramboros
MHW-Uragaan Render 001.png Uragaan Subspecies render.png
Uragaan Steel Uragaan
MHRise-Anjanath Render 001.png
MHWI-Fulgur Anjanath Render 001.png
Anjanath Fulgur Anjanath
MHWI-Glavenus Render 001.png
MHWI-Acidic Glavenus Render 001.png
Glavenus Acidic Glavenus
FrontierGen-Abiorugu Render 001.png
FrontierGen-Giaorugu Render 001.png
Abiorugu Giaorugu

Piscine Wyvern

MHGen-Plesioth Render 001.png
MH3U-Green Plesioth Render 001.png
Plesioth Green Plesioth
FrontierGen-Lavasioth Subspecies Render 001.png
Lavasioth  Lavasioth Subspecies


MHRise-Royal Ludroth Render 001.png
3rdGen-Purple Ludroth Render 001.png
Royal Ludroth Purple Ludroth
MHGen-Agnaktor Render 001.png
Glacial Agnaktor Render.png
Agnaktor Glacial Agnaktor
MHGen-Lagiacrus Render 001.png
MH3G-Lagiacrus Subspecies.png
Lagiacrus Ivory Lagiacrus

Flying Wyvern

MHW-Pink Rathian Render 001.png
Rathian Pink Rathian
MHW-Azure Rathalos Render 001.png
Rathalos Azure Rathalos
MH4-Red Khezu Render 001.png
Khezu Red Khezu
MH4U-Monoblos Render 001.png
MH4U-White Monoblos Render 001.png
Monoblos White Monoblos
MHRise-Diablos Render 001.png MHW-Black Diablos Render 001.png
Diablos Black Diablos
MH4-Ruby Basarios Render 001.png
Basarios Ruby Basarios
MH4-Gravios Render 001.png
MH4-Black Gravios Render 001.png
Gravios Black Gravios
MHWI-Brute Tigrex Render 001.png
Tigrex Brute Tigrex
3rdGen-Green Nargacuga Render 001.png
Nargacuga Green Nargacuga
3rdGen-Sand Barioth Render 001.png
Barioth Sand Barioth
3rdGen-Gigginox Render 001.png
3rdGen-Baleful Gigginox Render 001.png
Gigginox Baleful Gigginox
MHW-Paolumu Render 001.png
MHWI-Nightshade Paolumu Render 001.png
Paolumu Nightshade Paolumu
FrontierGen-Espinas Render 002.png
FrontierGen-Espinas Subspecies Render 002.png
Espinas Espinas Subspecies
FrontierGen-Berukyurosu Render 003.png
FrontierGen-Doragyurosu Render 001.png
Berukyurosu Doragyurosu


MH4U-Daimyo Hermitaur Render 001.png
MH4U-Plum Daimyo Hermitaur Render 001.png
Daimyo Hermitaur Plum Daimyo Hermitaur
MHGen-Shogun Ceanataur Render 001.png
2ndGen-Terra Shogun Ceanataur Render 001.png
Shogun Ceanataur Terra Shogun Ceanataur
FrontierGen-Akura Vashimu Render 001.png
FrontierGen-Akura Jebia Render 001.png
Akura Vashimu Akura Jebia
MHO-Baelidae Render 001.png
Dread Baelidae.png
Baelidae Dread Baelidae

Fanged Beast

MH4-Congalala Render 001.png
MH4-Emerald Congalala Render 001.png
Congalala Emerald Congalala
MHGen-Blangonga Render 001.png
2ndGen-Copper Blangonga Render 001.png
Blangonga Copper Blangonga
MH4-Kecha Wacha Render 001.png MH4U-Ash Kecha Wacha Render 001.png
Kecha Wacha Ash Kecha Wacha
MHO-Slicemargl Render 001.png MHO-Purple Slicemargl Render 001.png
Slicemargl Purple Slicemargl
MHO-Caeserber Render 001.png MHO-Yellow Caeserber Render 001.png
Caeserber Yellow Caeserber

Fanged Wyvern

MHWI-Stygian Zinogre Render 001.png
Zinogre Stygian Zinogre
MHRise-Tobi-Kadachi Render 001.png
MHWI-Viper Tobi-Kadachi Render 001.png
Tobi-Kadachi Viper Tobi-Kadachi
MHW-Odogaron Render 001.png
MHWI-Ebony Odogaron Render 001.png
Odogaron Ebony Odogaron


MH4-Tetsucabra Render 001.png
MH4U-Berserk Tetsucabra Render 001.png
Tetsucabra Berserk Tetsucabra
MH4-Zamtrios Render 001.png
MH4U-Tigerstripe Zamtrios Render 001.png
Zamtrios Tigerstripe Zamtrios

Snake Wyvern

MH4-Najarala Render 001.png
MH4U-Tidal Najarala Render 001.png
Najarala Tidal Najarala


MH4-Seltas Render 001.png
MH4U-Desert Seltas Render 001.png
Seltas Desert Seltas
MH4-Seltas Queen and Seltas Render 001.png
MH4U-Desert Seltas Queen and Desert Seltas Render 001.png
Seltas Queen Desert Seltas Queen
MHO-Lightenna Render 001.png
MHO-Poikilos Lightenna Render 001.png
Lightenna Poikilos Lightenna


MH4-Nerscylla Render 001.png
MH4U-Shrouded Nerscylla Render 001.png
Nerscylla Shrouded Nerscylla


MHO-Estrellian Render 001.png
MHO-Doom Estrellian Render 001.png
Estrellian Doom Estrellian

Elder Dragon

FrontierGen-Lao-Shan Lung Render 001.png
MHF1-Ashen Lao-Shan Lung Render 001.png
Lao-Shan Lung Ashen Lao-Shan Lung
3rdGen-Jhen Mohran Render 001.png
MH3U-Hallowed Jhen Mohran Render 001.png
Jhen Mohran Hallowed Jhen Mohran
3rdGen-Ceadeus Render 001.png
MH3U-Goldbeard Ceadeus Render 001.png
Ceadeus Goldbeard Ceadeus
MHW-Kirin Render 001.png
MH4-Oroshi Kirin Render 001.png
Kirin Oroshi Kirin
MH4U-Dalamadur Render 001.png
MH4U-Shah Dalamadur Render 002.png
Dalamadur Shah Dalamadur
FrontierGen-Rukodiora Render 002.png
FrontierGen-Rebidiora Render 001.png
Rukodiora Rebidiora
MHO-Tartaronis Render 001.png
MHO-Infernal Tartaronis Render 001.png
Tartaronis Infernal Tartaronis


  • Despite being considered subspecies, both Black Diablos and Shah Dalamadur are actually temporary changes of ordinary monster individuals during certain periods of their life.
    • Similarly, Black Gravios is a regular Gravios that has, for unknown reasons, had an abnormal increase in body temperature.


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