Not to be confused with Deviants, HC Monsters, Zenith Species, Subspecies, Rare Species, Burst Species, Origin Species, Special Species, Lone Species, or Variants.

Supremacy Species (Japanese 覇種) are powerful monster individuals that were first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.5. These monsters are old veterans of their species, making them by far one of the strongest and deadliest of their kind.

List of Supremacy Species

Monster Hunter Frontier Forward 4

Monster Hunter Frontier Forward 5


FrontierGen-Doragyurosu Render 001
FrontierGen-Supremacy Doragyurosu Render 001
Doragyurasu Supremacy Doragyurasu
FrontierGen-Pariapuria Render 001
FrontierGen-Supremacy Pariapuria Render 001
Pariapuria Supremacy Pariapuria
2ndGen-Teostra Render 001
FrontierGen-Supremacy Teostra Render 002
Teostra Supremacy Teostra
FrontierGen-Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) Render 003
MHFG-Supremacy Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) Artwork 001
Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern) Supremacy Unknown (Black Flying Wyvern)


  • The "Supremacy" in their name is meant to represent a rank among their species and a sign of respect for the monster's strength compared to regular individuals.
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