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Taikun Zamuza is a Carapaceon first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.3.


Taikun Zamuza are Carapaceons covered in multiple layers of armor. Typically they are seen covered completely in an layer of dirt, rock, barnacles, mushrooms, and some plant life.

Underneath the environmental armor is a orange and cream colored giant with some resemblance to Horseshoe crabs when viewed from above, with segmented plates of armor with some spines lining the back, leading down to an limp extension that resembles a tail, and more small spines spread throughout the rest of the body. The outer armor has an opening for the mouth but none for the eyes, the arms end in asymmetrical claws, the left is quite large and bulky, resembling a curled boxing glove, while the right is like a traditional pincer, aside from the upper claw being elongated and spear like.

And beneath all the armor is a slightly smaller white creature with blue and yellow patterns on its more smooth back and very light blue eyes, the "tail" is gone, and on the back of it on either side, between two large blue spikes each, are visible electrical coil-esque shaped organs. The pincer claw remains pretty much as it was, but it is revealed that beneath the "hammer claw" is a singular claw with a spiral shaped point that bends in the middle, allowing it to fit within the space of the outer armor.


When buried beneath all of their armor, Taikun Zamuza are fairly slow moving, but have a lot of weight to throw around, making them physically threatening, using the "hammer claw" to crush, cause quakes, use as a shield, and even slowly uppercut, or breaking the floor open, while the spear point of the pincer is used for slashing and stabbing. The fungi rooted around the environmental armor will also react to the armor being damaged, releasing large vision obscuring clouds of spores. The more the environmental and outer armors are broken, the faster the Taikun Zamuza will become due to the lesser amount of weight to carry, coming to a head where it is all broken away.

Once all the armor is gone, the Taikun Zamuza move much quicker, using both of the sharp tipped claws to stab at hunters with lunges, and downward strikes which can occasionally bring back a rock to smash, and even tunneling around the area and trying to dive into targets. The electrical organs on their backs revealed in full force allows them to release traveling sparks, small blasts, and even creating and balancing large sphere's of electricity between their claws to drop onto hunters heads.

Lastly, Taikun Zamuza are capable of spitting globs of a toxic substance from their mouths.


When beneath all their armor Taikun Zamuza are relatively docile, preferring to camouflage into their cavernous habitats, but will attack viciously if attacked themselves, once all of their armor is destroyed, they throw caution to the wind and go completely offense, or attempt to flee.


Taikun Zamuza inhabits cavernous areas such as those of the Tide Island, and Esther Lake.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Zenith Taikun Zamuza

FrontierGen-Zenith Taikun Zamuza Render 001.png

Main Article: Zenith Taikun Zamuza

A Zenith Species of Taikun Zamuza first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith.

Game Appearances

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Taikun Zamuza Icon.png (?)
Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Taikun Zamuza Icon.png (?)

Music Themes

MHFO_2012_Anniversary_OST_Disc_2_-_15_-_Tide_Island_Caves_1 MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 1st Form Theme
MHFO_2012_Anniversary_OST_Disc_2_-_18_-_Tide_Island_Caves_1_(HR100) MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 1st Form Theme (Over HR100)
MHF_タイクンザムザ第二形態BGM_"更なる底へ" MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 2nd Form Theme
MHF_剛種タイクンザムザ_第二形態_BGM_"底抜けの恐怖" MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 2nd Form Theme (Over HR100)
MHF_タイクンザムザ最終形態_BGM_"日差さぬ場所" MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 3rd Form Theme
MHF_剛種タイクンザムザ最終形態_BGM_"地獄の釜底" MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 3rd Form / Supremacy Pariapuria Theme (Over HR100)


General Notes

  • When enraged Taikun Zamuza huff's "black smoke" and when in its outer armor, has cracks and vents around the armor glow/pulse light blue.
  • A unique fungus can be obtained as Taikun Zamuza loses its rocky layer.
  • As it loses more of its rocky layers and has its shell broken, its movements and attacks get progressively faster.
  • In the environmental and outer armors the Body, Left Claw, Right Claw, Left Legs, Right Legs, and Tail can be broken in each, these breaks are the same for the unarmored state bar the "tail" due to it being absent.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • Once Zamuza loses about half of its rocky layer, it will reveal a new area by breaking the floor.
  • Once Taikun Zamuza loses all of its rocky layer and has all of its body parts broken, and not ion Low Rank, it will break the floor again, landing in the deepest section of the cavern it will now fight in its unarmored state.

Monster Hunter Online

  • For Taikun Zamuza to shed its outer armor, all of its parts must be broken.
    • Broken Zamuza parts take significantly less damage. However, it is still possible to capture or kill Taikun Zamuza without breaking all of its parts.
  • While in its unarmored state, many of Taikun Zamuza's attacks will release electrical sparks that inflict Thunderblight and Paralysis.
  • Instead of having three different themes for each phase of the fight, Taikun Zamuza instead has two themes in Monster Hunter Online; one for when it's Enraged, and another for when it's not.

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