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Taikun Zamuza is a Carapaceon first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.3.

FrontierGen-Taikun Zamuza Render 002


Taikun Zamuza has three forms. Its first form shows it with lots of dirt that covers its body acts as a second exoskeleton, shielding it from damage. The dirt covering can be broken off with repeated attacks, revealing the true shell and its second form. Its final form drastically changes its structure. Taikun Zamuza's body color changes from orange to blue. It loses its tail and its hammer-like claw is replaced with a drill-like claw. It also gains Thunder Element abilities and has two bulbs of light behind its body.


Taikun Zamuza inhabits new cavernous areas of the Tide Island. It smashes the ground with its large, hammer-like claw that can cause the quake status, while it jabs its opponents with its sharper spiked claw.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Zenith Taikun Zamuza

FrontierGen-Zenith Taikun Zamuza Render 001

Main Article: Zenith Taikun Zamuza

A Zenith Species of Taikun Zamuza first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith.

Game Appearances

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Taikun Zamuza Icon (?)
Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Taikun Zamuza Icon (?)

Music Themes

MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 2 - 15 - Tide Island Caves 1

MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 2 - 15 - Tide Island Caves 1

MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 1st Form Theme
MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 2 - 18 - Tide Island Caves 1 (HR100)

MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST Disc 2 - 18 - Tide Island Caves 1 (HR100)

MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 1st Form Theme (Over HR100)
MHF タイクンザムザ第二形態BGM "更なる底へ"

MHF タイクンザムザ第二形態BGM "更なる底へ"

MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 2nd Form Theme
MHF 剛種タイクンザムザ 第二形態 BGM "底抜けの恐怖"

MHF 剛種タイクンザムザ 第二形態 BGM "底抜けの恐怖"

MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 2nd Form Theme (Over HR100)
MHF タイクンザムザ最終形態 BGM "日差さぬ場所"

MHF タイクンザムザ最終形態 BGM "日差さぬ場所"

MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 3rd Form Theme
MHF 剛種タイクンザムザ最終形態 BGM "地獄の釜底"

MHF 剛種タイクンザムザ最終形態 BGM "地獄の釜底"

MHFO: Taikun Zamuza 3rd Form / Supremacy Pariapuria Theme (Over HR100)


General Notes

  • Huffs black smoke when enraged.
  • Zamuza is susceptible to Poison, Paralysis, Sleep and Stun.
  • Zamuza's fallen rocky layers can emit gas that makes it much harder to see.
  • Zamuza's rocky layer can be removed by any attack. A Unique fungus can be obtained as Zamuza loses its rocky layer.
  • Once Zamuza loses about half of its rocky layer, it will reveal a new area by breaking the floor.
  • Once Zamuza loses all of its rocky layer and has all of its body parts broken, it will reveal a dark area where you can fight Taikun Zamuza while in Thunder Mode.
  • As it loses more of its rocky layers and has its shell broken, its movements and attacks get progressively faster.
  • In its Thunder Form, aside from using Thunder element attacks, it can also spit globs of Poison that can cover a fair area.
  • Although more uncommon, it can also spit Poison in its two previous forms.

Monster Hunter Online

  • For Taikun Zamuza to enter it's Thunder Form, all of it's parts (Shell, Left Claw, Right Claw, Left Legs, Right Legs, Tail) must be broken.
    • Broken Zamuza parts take significantly less damage. However, it is still possible to capture or kill Zamuza without breaking all of it's parts.
  • While in it's Thunder Form, many of Zamuza's attacks will release electrical sparks that inflict Thunderblight and Paralysis.
  • Instead of having three different themes for each phase of the fight, Zamuza instead has two themes in Monster Hunter Online; one for when it's enraged, and another for when it is not.

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