Don't want to bother editing as I'll just mess it up, but the sword:

Vulcamagnon (P)
is listed twice.

Official Names

Iron Sword
Iron Sword+
Buster Sword
Buster Sword+
Buster Blade
Ravager Blade+
Lacerator Blade
Mutilator Blade

Rugged Great Sword
Chieftain's Grt Swd
High Chief's Grt Swd
Carapace Sword
Carapace Blade
Barroth Wedge
Barroth Smasher
Lagiacrus Blade
Lagia Lightning (R)
Lagia Lightning (Y)
Lagia Bluebolt (P)
Lagia Bluebolt (G)
High Lagia Blade
Lagia Wildfire (P)
Ludroth Bone Sword
Ludroth Bone Sword+
Cataclysm Sword
Cataclysm Blade
Cataclysm Blade
Viking Hornsword
Ancharius Sword
Red Wing
Rathalos Firesword
Rathalos Flamesword
Bone Blade
Bone Blade+
Giant Jawblade
Wyvern Jawblade
Golem Blade
Golem Blade+
Blade of Talos
Valkyrie Blade
Dread Ignition
High Sieglinde (P)
High Sieglinde (G)
High Siegmund
Quarrel Hornsword
Diablos Hornsword

Rusted Great Sword
Tarnished Great Swd
Ancient Blade
Elder Monument

Worn Great Sword
Weathered Grt Sword
Epitaph Blade

Vulcanvil (R)
Vulcanvil (B)
Vulcanvil (Y)

Vulcamagnon (P)
Vulcamagnon (G)

Berserker Sword
Anguish (P)
Anguish (G)

Alatreon Great Sword
Alatreon Revolution
Proto Razor
Chrome Razor
Lion's Bane

Please help by inputing these correct weapon names for Great Swords. Bobofango 00:09, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

Duplicated crystal weapons

The crystal weapons section has Vulcamagnon (P) listed twice as well as Vulcamagnon (G) listed twice. I am not far enough in the game to see what all the rare 6 colors should be yet unfortunately.

Lacerator Blade

The Lacerator Blade has extremely small blue sharpness without Sharpness +1. The sharpness bar shown on the page says it only has green sharpness without +1.

Someone Messed the Weapon Pages Up.

Some one messed up the weapon pages and now they dont show attack element or sharpness on any of the weapons they were fine 2/19 now 2/20 they were messed up.

No way to expand the view for materials needed. I've clicked the detail link, and there is no way to expand the table. Thus, I'm unable to see the materials needed! Thanks!

Vulcanis from a shard

I managed to obtain a vulcanis from an shard (i forgot which shard). Cloudstrife4life 12:17, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

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