Official Names

Felyne Carver (Hi)
Felyne Carver (Lo
Felyne Medic
Felyne Black Belt
Felyne Pyro
Felyne Specialist
Felyne Defender (Hi)
Felyne Defender (Lo)
Felyne Hornblower
Felyne Woodsman
Felyne Charisma
Felyne Combiner (HI)
Felyne Combiner (Lo)
Felyne Gatherer
Felyne Sharpshooter
Ultra Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat
Felyne Heroics
Felyne Great Break
Felyne Escape Artist
Felyne Hurler
Felyne Courage
Felyne Supercat
Felyne Strongcat
Fraidy Cat
Felyne Explorer
Felyne Exchanger
Felyne Riser (Hi)
Felyne Riser (Lo)
Felyne Temper
Felyne Kickboxer
Felyne Fighter
Felyne Climber (Hi)
Felyne Climber (Lo)
Felyne Supercarver
Felyne Lander
Cool Cat
Felyne Bulldozer
Felyne Foodie
Felyne Slugger
Crazy Lucky Cat
Felyne Blaster
Felyne Bombardier
Felyne Moxie
Felyne Dungmaster
Felyne Groomer
Felyne Firewalker
Felyne Slider
Felyne Oracle
Felyne Polisher

Please help by inputting the correct names for Felyne Skills. --Bobofango 01:25, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

The list is missing "Gold Rice"

Maths behind the skills

Maybe someone could add a table behind the felyne skill descriptions including the maths. i.e. multiplier of increasing up Bombs with Felyne Pyro Skill, percentage or multiplier of incresing up Bowgun damage with Felyne Temper Skill and so on 08:20, September 9, 2010 (UTC)by Lobelia

If you die

If you die and you have Lucky Cat or Ultra Lucky Cat will you lose the skill? I know foodie lets you keep skills after you die.

off-line drunkedness

Okay i was playing monster hunter tri off-line last night, and found out that hunter cola and panish was fresh,and thought what would happen and got drunk. My character fell down as an idle animation. Cloudstrife4life 08:59, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

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