I think Tetsucabra is going to be classified as a Leviathan, although it could be a new species of monster but most likely its a Leviathan.- AWC

Actually, I think this beastie shares more similarities with Jinouga, a Fanged Wyvern. Strong forearms, high chest and low back, and massive fangs. Redthehunter (talk) 15:51, October 18, 2012 (UTC) ^The problem with that theory is that Zinogre have reptilian and mammalian traits such as fur while Tetsucabra has amphibian and reptilian traits.-AWC

@AWC, I've actually yet to see anything truly amphibian about the Tetsucabra, besides slightly slimy skin. Also, this doesn't quite fit with previous monster definitions, i.e. Psuedo Wyverns such as Nargacuga and Tigrex, one being a mix of fur and scale with a decidely avian 'beak', and the other a large, entirely scaled Tyrannosaur-lookalike, as well as blatant differences in Brute Wyverns. I would class Tetsucabra as Fanged for mostly the body shape and how it holds itself, which for some is the only similarity between monsters of the same class.Redthehunter (talk) 16:57, October 18, 2012 (UTC) ^Tetsucabra's back legs are positioned like a frog or toad's also during the trailer it was shown the creature ambushed a hunter and Jaggi raptors from water. Also if you look at Hapurubokka it has external gills that highly resemble those of an Axolotl salamander which shows that some Leviathans have amphibian-like traits.

@AWC, I think I'll retract the fanged wyvern statement then, however I'm highly reluctant to say it's a Leviathan. More likely, actually, is that it's yet another class of monster. Personally I just want more Fanged Wyverns other than Jinouga and Stygian Jinouga

Where the heck did that saying come from?

There needs to be a compilation of things that have eaten or beat on Great Jaggi. That poor bird can't get a break. -ArcoJawa

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