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Meeting place ★8
Ancestor/founder dragon (Mira roots)	

*[kushiyarudaora](Kushala Daora)
*[teotesukatoru] (Teostra)
5 bodies or more to suppress the above-mentioned old dragon kind, still

*[raoshiyanron] (Lao-Shan Lung)(it has not been recorded before the guild card) 
*[miraboreasu] (Fatalis)
*[mirabarukan] (Crimson Fatalis)
The above-mentioned old dragon kind 3 bodies or more suppressing condition (

*Concerning Mira Balkan suppression, 3 bodies or more pushing 
down Mira Balkan with MHP, with MHP2G does again pushing down 1 time Mira Balkan condition

You can unlock White Fatalis(HR6/HR9) in MHP2G, all you need is to kill:

  • 5 Kirin
  • 5 Kushas
  • 5 Lunas
  • 5 Teos
  • 5 Chams

then you have to kill:

  • 3 Lao
  • 2 Fatalis
  • 1 Crimson Fatalis

thats all, it's the only way to unlock it without downloading it.

so what im seeing here is...

A Fatalis mixed with a Kirin but you cant just mix them together they'd have too....omg dont think about it!

strongest elder dragon

shouldnt raviente be harder? it takes 3 hours and has plenty of stronger moves than the white fata

It is true that Raviente has way more health. But so does lao. And in terms of moves Raviente's are not all as powerful as white fata's. You can survive most of Raviente's attacks while Fata's attacks even the simple ones are either near lethal or ohko.

yes but i hear that it takes 16 people to kill raviente and only 4 people to kill White fatalis, so it seems to me that raviente is 4 times harder

White Fatalis Armor mode glitch?

I'm a bit confused at something that previously happened, I was fighting White Fatalis (G rank 3 star not downloaded) and while I was suicide clustering to get armor mode off, it didnt go fact the fight ended in Fatalis dying in armor mode! It never got out of it! I'm just wondering 1. How did this glitch activate and 2. How can I avoid this from happening.

Was using Full Hermitaur Z (Gunner) with the skills: Cluster S All LV add, Guts (survival), Bomber, and Recoil Reduction+1 along with Warrior's bowgun (G-rank training school LBG)

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