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Tartaronis is an Elder Dragon, first introduced in Monster Hunter Online.

MHO-Tartaronis Render 001


Tartaronis is a rather large Elder Dragon that resembles a sea turtle. Its facial structure is odd, with the top of its head having a distinctive pointed look to it. Its lower jaw is similar looking, bearing a resemblance to Ukanlos. On its back are several moving spikes that shift in and out whenever it moves or takes to the skies. It has a very long tail fin which holds greater length than its main body.


This Elder Dragon's abilities tie into manipulating sand. While on the ground it often fires out blasts of sand from its back or fires off a larger projectile from its mouth. When it takes to the air it causes 4 tornadoes of sand to appear. This beast also surrounds itself with what appears to be an aura of sand. In addition to that while airborne it fires off projectiles from it's back far more frequently than on the ground.


Tartaronis is very aggressive, attacking any intruders treading along its sands.

Effectiveness Diagram (MHO)

Information sourced from ingame Ecology Illustration chart.

Shock T.
Pitfall T.
Flash B.
Sonic B.
Blast Status Effect-Blastblight MH4 Icon
Parts Physical Elemental
Cut. D. Imp. D. Shot D. Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
⬤ = Good | ▲ = Average | ✕ = Bad | ▬ = N/A

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
None None Logo-MHO (2013)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Online
MHO-Tartaronis Icon (?)
Threat Level (危険度): !!!!!


  • This monster is the first announced Elder Dragon for Monster Hunter Online.
  • Tartaronis' horn, front fins, body and tail can be wounded.
  • Tartaronis can be carved 5 times.

  • This monster unlocks at Level 40.

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