ItemIcon006 Some of the names in this Article use an unofficial English translation of its official Japanese Name.
The name is obtained either by using Japanese translating programs or through previous existing English equivalent terms in the game. The names will be used as quick references around other articles in the Monster Hunter Wiki until Capcom reveals the official English names for them.
{{{Japanese Name}}}


Damage Type: {{{Damage Type}}}
Kinsect Type: {{{Kinsect Type}}}

{{{Kinsect Skill}}}

Required Stats: {{{Evolution Requirements}}}

Upgrade Method:
First Upgrade Materials:

{{{Upgrade 1 Materials}}}

Second Upgrade Materials:

{{{Upgrade 2 Materials}}}

Third Upgrade Materials:

{{{Upgrade 3 Materials}}}

Evolution Path:
Upgraded From: >> {{{Japanese Name}}} >> Upgrades Into:
{{{Upgraded From}}} {{{Upgrades Into}}}
MHX: Kinsect Tree

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