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Thanksalot Barroth is a Brute Wyvern and a Special Species of Barroth introduced in Monster Hunter Explore.


It has green eyes and covers itself in treasure along with mud on a gold-colored shell. In addition it has treasure chests, a pile of gold, and a flag with the respective Monster Hunter Explore anniversary number on the top of its head.


Thanksalot Barroth has the exact same moveset as its standard counterpart.


Like their standard counterparts, Thanksalot Barroth are rather aggressive.


Thanksalot Barroth is fought in an arena.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Barroth EX

MHW-Barroth Render 001.png

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General Notes

  • It was introduced as the First Anniversary monster for Monster Hunter Explore.
    • The number on its flag changes according to the anniversary date. With its render being of one from the games first anniversary