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1[The Legend of the Black Dragon]

Hasn't there been a song stuck in your head? A song sung by children all across the land? A song with soul, sung diligently in the streets and in the alleys? What is that song?

2'The legend of death,

death by a giant wyvern

has been revived'

It is 'The Legend of the Black Dragon'! Everyone should know it, as it is based on a famous fairy tale!

3However, I think the fact that everyone is singing this song is actually a sign. They say children are always first to foretell the changing of the world. They are said to have a special sense for these kinds of things.
4I have gathered as much information as I could from the corners of this world, and I have told those who should be told. However, no one believes me. That is why I have begged for a few pages in Hunting Life explain the Legend to all who care to learn.
5'The Legend of the Black Dragon' is said to exist everywhere, and while there are changes in the lyrics depending on the location, the content of the song is the same. So please understand that the lyrics printed below are representative of the song as I know it. The lyrics may be different where you are located.
6The Legend of the Black Dragon
7When the world is full of wyverns

The legend is revived

Meat is eaten, Bone is crunched.

And blood is sucked up dry

8He burns the earth

And melts through iron

He boils the rivers

And mows down trees

He awakens the winds

And lights an inferno

9He is called Fatalis

The wyvern of destiny

He is called Fatalis

The wyvern of destruction

Call for help

Run for your lives

And don't forget to

Pray to the skies

10He is called Fatalis

The wyvern of destiny

He is called Fatalis

The wyvern of destruction

Fatalis, Fatalis

Heaven and Earth are yours

Fatalis, Fatalis

Heaven and Earth are yours

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